Anna Lobodenko

Anna Lobodenko



At the moment Anna is working on her education in the sphere of psychology. Apart from that she is undergoing a non-format process of psychological training which includes psychological self-education and self-training. The latter is no less important to the professional establishment of a psychologist than formal academic training.


The young woman is not married and has a daughter – Maria is seven years old. Anna adores her parents and is enormously proud of them. She also has an elder sister and a brother who she is really similar to.


Our heroine used to work in sales, however, she always dreamed for more and wanted more! When thinking on the area she would be successful in and she would love to spend her life doing, Anna turned to self analysis and wanted to sort her life out . The fate brought her to psychological science which helped her get rid of a toxic relationship, find answers to longstanding questions, discover her personality better and reevaluate all her system of values!


“During the training which I had chosen for myself and for my personal development I paid attention to the fact that around me there are so many women who stopped valuing themselves and feeling loved and needed and how their inner uncertainty influenced their children. One day I understood that my vocation is to help women, make them happier and see the smiles of their kids,” says Anna.


The young woman is sure that in order to achieve success you need to possess such qualities as enthusiasm, diligence, desire to live a worthy life and understanding of your ultimate goals. Her role models are people who strive to achieve great heights, do everything to live better and by doing so setting an example for others. If they could do it, you can too!


The hardest decision Anna had to make was the long-term relocation to Germany without her daughter who stayed with Anna's parents. Everyday calls and text messages made those days a bit easier to live through. The birth of the little was a real milestone of the young woman's life and the two are the closest and the most significant people to each other.


Anna values frankness and honesty to yourself and to other people.


When there is a free moment, our heroine loves taking walks around the city, discovering new places, streets, parks and cozy cafes. Still, the best leisure is to spend a night watching a good movie under a soft blanket. Her favorites include films and series on psychology, e.g. Provocative Therapy. She also loves literature, at the moment she is reading a book of wisdom by Mark Aurelius.


The woman recharges her batteries by doing sport, active leisure, education and communication with powerful people, traveling and the sea. Among her favorite countries are Cyprus, Dubai, Turkey, Zanzibar and Israel. She was under a huge impression after visiting Jerusalem as this place is filled with power and peace. Zanzibar was also a powerful site for her – this is the country where the time stops and where there are no troubles. Anna loves the Indian ocean and dreams to master the art of surfing the waves. She is attracted to the mountains, beautiful green parks, silence, time alone, massage, SPA procedures and spectacular locations.


When Anna was filling in the form for contestants, she remembered the times when she had been admiring sophisticated and gorgeous girls and dreaming of being in their shoes. Having overcome her doubts and discomfort, she applied for the contest and today she is one of the finalists of a prestigious Mrs Ukraine International 2022 pageant.


“I decided to participate despite my uncertainty which I am going to overcome and I believe that this very first contest of my life is going to be an important milestone in my life. I also believe that the contest will not only help me get rid of certain insecurities but it will also make me capable of helping every woman and every girl who will come to me in the future,” says Anna.