Diana Romanova

Diana Romanova

Influencer, businesswoman


Diana graduated from Kyiv Institute of International Relations and studied in one of the world's best universities for creative professionals – London University of the Arts.


Her family is her stronghold and support and it thrives on warm and open relationships. Her parents were extremely involved in the upbringing of Diana and her brother and they always paid a lot of attention to their education. The children were also taught to be hard-working, diligent, responsible, sensible; a lot of emphasis was also placed on manners, spiritual and cultural aspects. From her childhood Diana saw how to combine business activity and spirituality; she understood that there must be balance in everything and it is necessary to develop in all the spheres of life. Her parents brought up multifaceted personalities which really helps them today.


“One of my dreams is to create a strong and close-knit family, as I think one of the aims for every woman is to have a happy family. I would really love to have a lot of kids and help grow into worthy people. I dream to travel along with my husband and discover this world; I also wish to be not only his wife, but also the partner who he can rely on in any situation. This is what the family is for,” says Diana.


In order to be successful you need to know what you really want, design a clear action plan, focus on your aims and do not scatter your effort. You need to have a clear vision of your dreams, be hard-working and strong-willed – this way you will get what you want!


Diana has no icons or people who inspire her. She always tries to learn the best lessons each person can teach her. This way she forms herself as the person she wants to be. She loves researching the biographies of famous people of all ages, learning about their thoughts and great deeds, analyzing their values and beliefs.


She values human culture, wisdom, determination, love for the world and positive thinking.


Diana tries to spend her free time productively, learn new things and get new experiences, emotions and impressions. She is inspired by art, which is why she visits exhibitions, cultural events and theaters. The young woman is constantly developing and learning something new.


Among other things, Diana is a professional musician. Music allows her not to feel the time and be in a blessed flowing state. She has recorded a number of songs which are already available on Apple Music and other digital platforms. She is also a real fan of the Hollywood movie industry and has even acted in a small role in a movie there.


One of her dreams is to become a UN goodwill ambassador in order to change the world for the best – this is the aim she considers to be her most important mission. She also plans to work with global environmental problems, pollution, extinction of animals and plants and help orphans and those in need.


“I have many nationalities in my heritage and I feel the world's DNA inside. This is some sort of bond with the Planet. Mrs Ukraine international pageant gives me the chance to make a substantial contribution to the solving of global problems and to be heard. This is the reason I want to go further and represent Ukraine at the international contest,” says Diana.