Galyna Naumenko

Galyna Naumenko

Halyna studied at Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts and obtained a diploma with honors in State Management and Administration. 

She was born in Zaporizhzhya, met her love in Kyiv and built her family in Kharkiv. She and her husband have three wonderful kids: seven-year-old Yaroslav, three-year-old Oleksandr and daughter Polina who is one. 


Our heroine is active in informational, educational, civil and charity spheres; she is also the host of various business events for women. Halyna is a brand herself, her exclusive Brunches with Halyna Naumenko are very well-known! They are always held at the highest level, involve interesting speakers, are technically well-equipped and take place at the most prestigious venues. 


The young woman is sure that in order to achieve success you need to have the right connections and be surrounded by successful people. You also need to be able to analyze the situation, events and cause-effect links. Do not forget clear thinking, determination, persistence, optimism and understanding that great deeds don't happen at once. All this will be even more effective if there is flexibility, desire to learn and perfect and ability to quickly adapt to the ever-changing circumstances. 


Her mother is the central figure of Halyna's life. She has brought up her two daughters during hard times when she was studying and working, however, she managed to do everything. Halyna took all the best qualities of a woman from her mom – determination, tenderness and kindness. This is why charity work for her is not a trend, it is part of who she is! 

“Modern women are in a constant chase after success, financial and personal independence and many cannot find the time to spend with their kids,” comments Halyna. 

When the young woman was studying journalistics at Zaporizhzhya National University, she signed her first modeling contract which completely changed her life. She made an extreme decision and got the chance to discover the world, meet the cultures of different countries, become independent and self-confident. 


Another milestone of her life was the encounter with her husband with whom she now has three children. For him she moved from her beloved Kyiv to Kharkiv two months after they met, although all her life she had dreamed about living and working in the capital. Today her home is where her beloved husband is.


As a woman she values loyalty, honesty and reliability; as a mother she is fond of self-discipline, openness and wisdom. 


Halyna prefers to divide her free time and to devote it to different types of activities. One part is about household, work and civil activity issues, the other is about finding time for herself and her family. She does not imagine her life without music, conversations with friends and interesting books. There is a wonderful tradition at her home: they collect the books which were recommended by people with similar worldview and principles. Besides, like many other people, Halyna and her husband love traveling and discovering new things. 


Participation in a grand beauty pageant has been Halyna's dream since early childhood. When she was little she used to watch one of the largest musical festivals in Ukraine, “Tavria Games”, which had a beauty contest as one of its parts, and she dreamed of being one of those beautiful young women. Today her childhood dream starts to come true thanks to Mrs Ukraine International contest. 

“Now I know that dreams do come true! With the help of a dream we can give the light of hope to people, share a part of ourselves and become a role model. This is what I am here for,”says Halyna.