Hanna Storcheus

Hanna Storcheus

Hanna was born in Kyiv and graduated from International Scientific and Technical University with a master's degree in Law. Since 2005 she has been a lawyer at the Kyiv board of lawyers of National Association of Lawyers of Ukraine with more than 23 years of experience in the field.


The woman and her husband have four children – three sons (Herman, 19; David, 8; Oleh, 6) and a daughter (Oleksandra is 20 years old).


Her extensive professional experience gives her the opportunity to manage a successful business in the sphere of attraction of investments and financing of ZED import-export operations both in Ukraine and abroad. The main direction of her business activity is the administration and provision of scrap metal from Ukraine.


At the moment Hanna can proudly say that as a result of diligent and hard work her team has achieved the best ratings among the exporters of this category goods from Ukraine.


Apart from business activity, Hanna's family has been privately supporting a number of orphanages and boarding schools, as well as various volunteering and civil organizations and animal protection activists. Her active participation in the social life of the country is her sincere need and desire to help and to empathize.


Thanks to the projects by “Kids for Kids” charity fund headed by Olena Momot, Hanna and her husband strive to develop the charity culture with their kids and to help children with disabilities and children who are deprived of families and homes.


The woman sees no need to determine anyone as a role model, however she is eager to point out the role of a Woman in modern society.


The image of a woman is always associated with an ever-smiling face and with eyes that shine with kindness and joy; she is radiating the special energy of inner peace. Her tenderness, understanding and empathy melt frozen hearts, make homes cozy and the world around beautiful.


A woman has always been perceived as a mysterious and charming creature whose beauty inspires men to do great deeds; her ability to give life to a child inspires respect and admiration. At that, a Woman is an energetic and creative personality that expresses herself in art, science, care for her family and children, her business, her people and her country.


Hanna would like every woman to find her way to happiness!


The most important people in her life are, obviously, her parents to whom she is eternally grateful for their love, kindness, care, education, and wise advice. They helped her develop determination, fairness and generosity and made her able to take responsibility for all her actions.


Her husband and children also play a huge role in Hanna's life, as well as her friends. They are the people who teach her how to love, value, trust and be confident, brave and strong.


Love, Happiness and Harmony are her keys to success!


“Each of us has their own path. It may be filled with happiness, joy, achievements, love and assets; however, it may also be paved with mistakes, failures, frustrations and losses,” says Hanna.


You need to fill your life with sense, love, and inner balance. Stay calm, be merciful, generous and honest. Create, dream, open new horizons, do your best in everything and, of course, believe in yourself and in miracles!


“Today I can say that I am happy, but in order to understand this I had to go through a range of personal transformations and to learn how to find balance in the harsh business world. I had to learn how to take punches and forgive and, most importantly, I had to realize that real success is in simple things: health, family, favorite job, spiritual balance and the feeling of gratitude, tolerance and the chance to do something worthy,” says our contestant.


She is fulfilled via her family, work, spiritual development, social activity and the desire to “be, have, know, feel and act” at the moment. She loves to take care of herself and her health, maintaining good relationships with people, working on her personal perfection, realizing her vectors, the feeling of time and sensible management of her resources.


Her favorite quote is by Theodore Roosevelt - “Do what you can. With what you have, where you are.”


Hanna values fairness, generosity, reliability, respect to others, optimism, sense of humor and kindness, ability to take responsibility and admit mistakes, willpower, braveness and tactfulness.


She spends all her free time with her family and friends. It can be any common activity – traveling, sports, walks in the countryside, movies, reading, cooking or simply enjoying pleasant conversations with her beloved ones at the fireplace.


The final decision to take part in the Mrs. Ukraine International 2022 contest was made due to a strong inner desire to obtain yet another personal victory, to step out of her comfort zone and to let herself feel and live in new states under new circumstances and not to lose the chance to get new skills and knowledge.