Iryna Bondarieva

Iryna Bondarieva



Iryna has two higher education diplomas, one of which she obtained at National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine and the other at Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University. She is also a PhD of Biology and worked as an associate professor at Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture.


The story of her beautiful love is now continued in the happy eyes of her daughter, son and three granddaughters, the youngest of which is only nine months old. “My children are my inspiration, my joy and my support. My husband died eleven years ago,” says Iryna.


She is the founder and manager of the tourist agency “Dolce Travel”. Before the career in tourism she worked as an associate professor at university, however, at some point, she understood that there was a desire for something more in her life and went on to fulfill her childhood dream.


The unconscious sought after all the things unknown came to her life in early childhood when she was living in the Caucasus with her parents. As a little girl she was looking at Mount Kazbek from her window and dreamed of reaching beyond its mysterious silhouette. When she was in the third year of school, Iryna started doing sports professionally; for many years this amazing woman was a member of the Ukrainian national swimming team and visited a lot of countries with her teammates.


Her unwillingness to settle down in one place and the desire to meet new cities and countries prompted Iryna to start her travel agency where travels are obviously an integral part of the working process. The contacts she had established due to her participation in world and European championships (in “Masters” category) helped her to set up her new business.


A big role in the company is played by Iryna's daughter Natalia who is the executive manager, creative manager and a very sociable person in general.


Our heroine is sure that in order to achieve success you need to learn how not to lose faith when everything seems to go wrong; you need to be brave and diligent. She learned these skills when she was a postgraduate student at the Institute of Cybernetics at the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.


When Iryna's mother was still alive, the woman used to tell her a lot and always asked for advice; however, her real mentor was her step-father Volodymyr, a professor of Medicine and a psychiatrist.


Taking a training course in tourism was not enough to start her own company,plus, her work at university, even as an associate professor, did not give her enough finances to do that. Iryna was forced to step out of her comfort zone and move to a rented accommodation in the suburbs in order to rent out her big apartment in the city center and thus save enough money to launch the company.


In 1990 she put her job at the institute at risk and flew to Hawaii with her husband, where they spent two months. This period of time is marked by a spontaneous meeting with the mayor of Honolulu, flights to Big Islands to see a volcanic eruption, acquaintance with a cruise liner captain, swimming with sharks and discoveries of the oceanic beauty and the bright colors of the islands. It was then when she felt the desire to make such trips possible for the Ukrainians. She needed nine long years to make her dream come true; during this period the woman also managed to defend her dissertation in biocybernetics.


Iryna values honesty, lightness, bright mind, kindness and a sense of humor.


In her free time she loves visiting theaters, concerts, exhibitions and museums. She loves reading, skiing and is passionate about Pro-am Argentine Tango.


Since early childhood she has started her mornings with exercise and it gets longer and longer with years. She loves discovering new countries and meeting new cultures and historical artifacts. Traveling gives her the feeling of joy and fills her life with sense. She also loves spending time with grandchildren; together they invent incredible games. Her friends are also very important for Iryna, together they reflect on the time spent together and each of her friends brings something special to the woman's life.


“The invitation to take part in the prestigious Mrs. Ukraine International contest was very unexpected. After amazing communication with Iana Lutska only my positive answer was presupposed, however the quality and the number of the tasks I have to fulfill still make me think. But this is an exciting and interesting show and it allows me to see myself in a new role. So the decision was taken at once and with pleasure,” says Iryna.