Kateryna Babushkina

Kateryna Babushkina

Owner and creative manager at “Serhii Babushkin” architectural bureau 


Kateryna is the owner and creative manager at “Serhii Babushkin”, which is an architectural bureau founded in Kyiv in 1989. She is also the head of the disciplinary committee of the Chamber of Architecture at the National Association of Architects of Ukraine, an architect and teacher at the laboratory of architectural education Archikidz of the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. 


The young woman started her career in architecture by obtaining her Master's diploma at Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture. Still, she never stops learning and has attended a number of professional training programmes at various world-known design bureaus around the globe. She is a permanent member of workshops aimed at the urban improvement and formation of a more comfortable space for city residents. Apart from that, Kateryna has published a number of professional lectures and articles. 


The woman is the mother to two sons – nine-year-old Ivan and seven-year-old Petro. 


Her architectural bureau provides a range of services on design of buildings and constructions of different levels of difficulty both in Ukraine and abroad; they also give consultations in the spheres of construction and architecture. The company specializes in the comprehensive design covering all the stages of the process for both commercial and state objects. 


Apart from the business, Kateryna is the head of the disciplinary committee of the Chamber of Architecture at the National Association of Architects of Ukraine. Her duties there are to detect and react to the previously detected conflict issues in the sphere of construction and architecture in Ukraine. Sometimes this involves the audit of legislative acts and offering solutions in order to achieve consensus; the chamber is also aimed at motivating the professional community to remember about professional ethics and not  break it in the course of their professional activities. Along with her colleagues Kateryna works hard to make the Chamber an effective and significant authority. One of her latest cases involves the conflict with the “Kvity Ukrainy” (“Flowers of Ukraine”) building which was recognized as the best architectural object in Soviet Ukraine in 1986. 


Another side of her vocation is the Archikidz laboratory at the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. There, Kateryna and her colleagues work on the development of a series of lectures on architecture and teach online in different schools in Ukraine. The organization helps school students take part in the international contest of architectural ideas and maquettes OSCAR, which takes place in Strasbourg, France. The principal goal of their activity is to teach the students how to unite their forces and work as a team in order to realize their ideas. Another aim is to motivate the young to constant development via knowledge. The course is free of charge and makes a wonderful and colorful addition to any school curriculum. The laboratory constantly invites well-known architects to contribute to this important social work. Each academic year at Archikidz finishes with a festival involving all the kids, their parents, volunteer students, practical architects and philosophers, the Junior Academy of Sciences team and sponsors, altogether making an amazing group of about 5000 people. 

“I was growing up in a creative and administrative context which was set by my parents and grandparents. I am very grateful for that. Still, at some point I was thinking about which way to choose and the choice was either architecture or medicine. Later, I tried to change my career yet again, but in the end I came back to my childhood vocation.” comments Kateryna.  

The young woman is sure that in order to achieve success you need to be hardworking and open. You should not be afraid of changes and starting everything over. 


The main milestones of her life are undoubtedly the days when her kids were born. Their birth has changed the level of Kateryna's personal responsibility both in personal and professional spheres. Like many conscientious parents nowadays Kateryna studies psychology which helps her understand her contribution into the upbringing of the kids. She aims to give them everything they need, adapt them to the society, make them familiar with their rights and teach them to speak up for themselves. 


The qualities that she values the most are strong will, positive mindset, energy, understanding of their aspirations and their implementation, even if it is a futuristic or science fiction work which is not real, but abstract. 


Kateryna prefers active leisure – traveling with her family, attending art exhibitions, workshops, and participation in various contests. She is always on the move heading for new knowledge and reinforcement of her previous experiences. 


She recharges her inner battery by spending time with family, enjoying modern art, exhibitions, theater performances and social events, world transformation, classical music, self-development and work. 


The young woman received an invitation to take part in Mrs Ukraine International contest from Iana Lutska and decided to participate out of love for herself.