Maryna Chernobay

Maryna Chernobay


Maryna obtained a higher education diploma at H. Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University.


“Today I am the best mom and the best wife,” says the woman confidently. “I care, inspire and motivate. I am an assistant and a mentor. I am the energy of our home, which is cozy, welcoming and safe; there are always pleasant smells of a beautiful, light and loving woman.”

Maryna is married; she and her husband have known each other since school and have been together for a very long time. Her husband is more than a life partner to Maryna, he is an integral part of her life! Together they take care of their two-year-old son Ivan. He is a long-awaited and cherished boy in the family. Fortunately, Maryna didn't have to choose between her personal interests and family ones; she clearly sees herself surrounded by a large family in the future, a family that she can be proud of.


For more than 10 years the couple has been running a successful automobile business which operates in different spheres. This is one of the most stable areas which is dynamically progressing, that's why it is always necessary to look forward while developing the business system and its structure. Their success in business is not a mere coincidence or the opportunity to be in the right place at the right time; it's the result of a carefully planned activity and adherence to certain rules. This helped Maryna turn her job into an enjoyable hobby!


Maryna is sure that in order to achieve success you need to be relaxed. Only in this calm state of mind are you able to make the right decisions without becoming obsessive, find answers to your questions and see the diversity of the world around you. You also need to have a sincere wish to achieve success and be totally involved in the process of fulfilling your dreams.


The young woman does not idolize anyone, however she doesn't mind being an icon for someone. Surely, there are people in her life who inspire her, who she learns from and sees as role models but she doesn't want to idealize them as everyone has their own path. Someone goes through hardships and troubles, whereas someone else lives their life to the full and enjoys it to the full. It all depends on a number of factors and, mostly, on the personality, their upbringing, education and character. There were no situations in Maryna's life when she had to make a hard decision. Each failure is seen as yet another experience, and each mistake is considered to be the sign that she needs to adjust to the ever-changing environment; failures and mistakes are in no way the signs of mental and psychological deficiency. You need to be optimistic when you look ahead, this way you will be able to avoid making hard decisions!


Everyone's life is full of unexpected surprises and adventures which can be both positive and negative. You should always believe in yourself, in your choice and then each event has the potential to become a life-turning one!


The qualities that Maryna values the most are a bright mind, desire to develop and be a better version of yourself. She also cherishes those who possess moral values, spirituality and live a fair life. The woman always notices the tactfulness and respect to yourself and the people around. Self-confidence and confidence in one's actions and choices are also found attractive.


The young woman loves sports, which is why there are always 2-3 training sessions scheduled during her week. Out of a personal interest she takes singing and piano classes. Maryna loves traveling and discovering new cultures and traditions; Kenya is one of dream destinations. She loves reading and prefers biographies and historical books, whereas classical literature is left for the occasions when she wishes to distract and find herself in a different world. One of her must-read pieces are You Are the Placebo, Mindpower Into the 21st Century, The Tattooist of Auschwitz, Resurrection by Leo Tolstoy and The Mother by Maksim Gorky.


Maryna has an adventurous spirit and she loves to check her strength, challenge herself. This is the reason why she is fulfilled by the support of new ideas, innovation and extreme. She also sincerely loves people, she sees everyone as a unique universe. Communication with interesting people is her way to unwind and recharge.


Since her childhood the young woman has been dreaming to be awarded the title of the Queen. The participation in Mrs Ukraine International is her chance. It started with a chain of accidental encounters, acquaintances and coincidences.

“Now is the time. And here I am,” says Maryna!