Nadiia Humeniuk

Nadiia Humeniuk

Fitness club and yoga studio owner


Nadiia has been the owner and manager of her fitness club and yoga studio for 2 years. She is a certified yoga instructor and a model. Thirty-five years of her life have been devoted to teaching healthy promoting sports – aerobics, fitness and pilates. The woman is a prize holder of sport aerobics competitions. When she was a student, Nadiia discovered yoga and went to learn from the best teachers in India. Since that time she has been organizing workshops and retreats for her students who deeply appreciate all her efforts.


“For me yoga is both work and hobby, it is my life! I have found my true vocation – to bright Light and Love and to help people re-evaluate and start loving themselves through working with their bodies. I help them get rid of many problems, both psychological and physical,” says Nadiia.


Modeling is another of Nadiia's passions She is a model at international modeling agency IMA Lemle, New York and takes part in various fashion shows, photography projects, fashion festivals and contests. She was awarded the Grand Prix of an international competition and is the owner of Vice-Mrs and Mrs Top Model titles.


Nadiia graduated from Khmelnytskyi Technological Institute where she studied the technology of clothes making. She has also taken a large number of courses on healthy lifestyle and sport techniques and obtained three international yoga certificates, two of them were received in India.


Our heroine is the happy mother to two grown up sons – Illia is twenty-eight and Arsenii is twenty-one. She has been married for thirty-three years and her family is her priority! Nadiia is extremely proud of her sons' achievements; her husband and children, in turn, always support her in all her aspirations and endless projects.


Some time ago, after having studied fashion making techniques, Nadiia got a chance to follow the latest fashion trends, however, she had no desire to make a career in this industry. The woman was lucky to find her vocation and now she skillfully runs her fitness club and yoga studio where, apart from sports and yoga, she teaches women posing techniques and proper nutrition basics. The latter is possible as Nadiia is a qualified dietitian and nutritionist.


Opening her own fitness club was Nadiia's long-standing dream and she had no doubts that she was going to start her business in this sphere. Having got experience and support from her husband she started working in this direction and in a few years the young woman was a proud business owner.


Yoga classes at her club are available to people of any backgrounds and physical abilities, including the elderly and persons with disabilities. Group classes promote inclusions which ensures equal communication and involvement for everyone. Special methodology helps improve the psychological, emotional and physical state of such people.


Nadiia thinks that she is successful because she is good at communicating with people, she knows how to listen to people and hear their needs and she strives to create favorable conditions for both her clients and employees. This way they don't even think about going somewhere else.


Our heroine was born in Tiraspol, Moldova and she thinks that her life-turning event took place when she firmly decided to go to Khmelnytskyi to study. It was there where she met her husband who has been the most significant person in her life for many years and who is her teacher and support.


She is sure that kindness is the basis of humanity and values reliability, flexible thinking and a good sense of humor.


As the kids are already grown up and independent, Nadiia spends her free time with her husband; together they take Argentine tango classes, travel on any occasion and do active sports.

The woman is fulfilled by yoga, dancing, travels, self-education, studying English, arts and sports.


Nadiia is sure that every woman has been created to shine and be happy, to be filled with her creative energy and generously give this energy to the people around. These are the messages she wants to broadcast from the stage of Mrs Ukraine International contest. By setting an example she wants to prove that women should not limit themselves and try to fit social stereotypes, they should not pretend to be modest, but they should do what they feel like doing and what inspires them and will inspire others.


“The whole world thrives on powerful female energy. At that, a woman should think like a queen, as this is the only way she can be successful. We were born to illuminate Light which is always inside us. I have a lot to say to the world and I have a lot to share,” ensures Nadiia.