Natalia Klovak

Natalia Klovak

Owner of “Choo Healthy” brand

Natalia obtained her higher education in London, where she studied Advertising and Fashion PR.


She was born in Ukraine, however she has been living in Great Britain for about 20 years already. Natalia has three children: eighteen-year-old Adriana, twelve-year-old Anastasia and eleven-year-old Nikita. All the kids are into sports as healthy education is a priority in Natalia's family.


The woman used to work in the floristics business and has her own brand “Bloom de Chelsea”, however, at the moment she is not working in this sphere as her attention has switched to her brand of healthy nutrition “Choo Healthy” which specializes in fruit rolls. She has her own small-scale production and plans to expand her distribution network into the large grocery stores of London.


Her beloved husband is the owner of GG Art Gallery where he exhibits paintings by French artists. Natalia is also active in this area, and, since 2018 she has been a member of Young Business Club London.


Floristics was chosen because Natalia loves beauty and nature; she values femininity represented by flowers. Nutrition became her vocation because she values high-quality food and a healthy approach to life. Art is loved because the young woman is in love with art in all of its aspects. So, all the directions for her activity Natalia has selected on the grounds of her love of art, music, fashion, nature, sensible approach to positive thinking, healthy nutrition, spiritual development and care about the environment.


Our heroine thinks that in order to achieve success you need to possess the following qualities: determination, consistency and diligence. You need to value the words and actions, think positively and have a strong will. Friendliness, leadership skills, love to people and to your job are no less important.


Her husband is the most significant role model for Natalia!


The most difficult decision she has ever had to take was mostly about changing her beliefs which had to be transformed in order to move forward.

All life-turning events in the woman's life had something to do with her family. However, the most significant one happened when she decided to stay in Great Britain (Natalia was 16 at the time). Other milestones of her life are the admission to the business club, decisions to step out of her comfort zone, develop professionally and start up her own business. She constantly cherishes the desire to improve her life and learn new skills in new areas. When she was 19, Natalia obtained a diploma in the sphere of Beauty Therapy in Ireland; she worked as a photographer at London Fashion Week and assisted in event organization in London, such as NYX London Eyewear, London Fashion Weekend, InstaClub, UWill Global.


The qualities that Natalia values in people are diligence, professionalism, love for what you do, sense of humour, lightness, openness and honesty.


When there is a spare moment, Natalia spends it with her family; she also loves going to the swimming pool and doing yoga. Along with her husband she supports a judo club in the Ukrainian city of Ivano-Frankivsk and motivates children to do sports.


The things that help her feel fulfilled are traveling, music; surprisingly, Natalia loves cleaning her house as she considers this activity to be a kind of meditation. She travels a lot with her family and is fond of free leisure when there is no need to depend on hotels and touristic routes. She admires people of their words and states Viktoria Lysenko, the founder of a private costume and style museum, as an outstanding example of a Ukrainian woman, whereas Kate Middleton is undoubtedly the model example of a British woman for her.


Natalia decided to take part in the prestigious Mrs Ukraine International contest thanks to an inner impact which she felt as soon as she heard of the project and the decision was taken without a second of hesitation!