Oksana Bartkovska

Oksana Bartkovska

Private notary of Kyiv city notarial district

Oksana has a Master's degree in Law which she obtained at Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University.


She has been married for 12 years; her husband is the owner and CEO of Ukrainian Chemical Technologies LLC, has four academic degrees and is the alumnus of Kyiv Mohyla Business School. The couple are actively involved in charity – they are patrons to a number of children's homes in Kyiv. They have two children who study at the private Creative International School for Children. Eleven-year-old Ernest does karate and has already won a number of prizes (he is the champion and prize holder of Ukrainian and European championships, and the world champion). Eight-year-old Emilia does artistic gymnastics and has won a number of prizes in Ukraine.


In 2007, Oksana graduated from Kyiv National University and got her degree in Law. Her final years were devoted to studying notarial profession which is why she chose to work in this sphere right after graduation. On May 14, 2007 she became a private notary at Kyiv city notarial district and has been working there ever since.


“I think that my profession is one of the best for a woman as it allows me to be a qualified professional and a loving mother and wife at the same time. Notarial sphere is not just a job, it is a vocation where I sometimes need to be a psychologist. And being a notary means I need to look like a 100% business lady. I love my suits, high-heeled shoes, impeccable hairdo and a slight veil of good perfume. I value my clients and they are always completely satisfied with my work,” shares Oksana.


The choice of career was largely influenced by her parents who suggested looking in the direction of the notarial sphere and applying to the Department of Law. Oksana's father is a businessman and has been running his construction company for more than 30 years. During her school years Oksana attended a lot of his business meetings with clients and lawyers and enjoyed the atmosphere of notarial activity and business etiquette.


Our heroine is sure that in order to achieve success you need to keep working on yourself and your professional and personal skills, believe in what you do, read a lot, be optimistic, and do sports as it helps obtain fresh energy and prolongs the youth!


Oksana sees her parents as a model of a happy married couple. They helped her create the foundation and develop the qualities which are now very useful in the young woman's activities as a professional, wife and mother.


The encounter with her husband Pavlo was a real life-turner for Oksana. They met in the course of settling some legal issues at her office. Oksana's professionalism and strong principles struck a chord with him and just four months later he proposed. At this point they have been together for 12 years and have given birth to two amazing children!


Oksana is sure that a woman is beautiful when she is loved!


She values people who are full of energy, frank, sincere, smart and fair. She especially admires people respectful to their parents.


Her free time is spent with family and friends at their country house by the river Desna surrounded by spectacular nature; in the summer, when it is nice and sunny, they go sailing on a yacht along the Dnipro. The whole family loves going to the cinema, swimming pool and zoo; they also do horse riding and skiing.


Sport takes a special place in Oksana's life. When she was at school, Oksana and her sister were members of the Ukrainian underwater swimming team, she also did ballet and even sambo. At present she prefers fitness and boxing classes with her husband.


The family travels a lot, together they attend different countries of the world both for leisure and to accompany the kids to their competitions. The most memorable trip was to Mexico which motivated Oksana to learn Spanish together with the children. Books are idolized in the home and literature is the passion shared by everyone. The book that left the strongest impression on Oksana was Anna Bahinska's Live the Life. The woman also loves historical novels, some of the last books she read were The Last Boleyn by Karen Harper and The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory. Pavlo Zahrebelny's Roksolana is among the most favourite ones.


“This year my son has become the world champion in karate and it was a special day for me; a day full of positive emotions. My inner self told me that this was the sign I needed to say “yes” and feel myself a real queen. This event was the final motivation that made me finally decide to take part in Mrs. Ukraine International 2022 contest,” says Oksana.