Olena Hramatyk

Olena Hramatyk

Olena has been married for 15 years and has two children; her son is twelve and the daughter is ten.


Since 2006 she has been working as a private notary of Odesa city notarial district. Apart from that she is an expert of Odesa Regional Public Center of Justice which provides pro bono legal aid. Olena has been a member of the volunteering team and the only representative of notarial authorities since the foundation of the center.


The woman considers notarial activity to be her vocation and is in love with the job! The only thing that is missing is the chance to satisfy her personal need to help people, which is why for more than three years Olena has been applying her knowledge and professional skills as a volunteer expert of the Public Center of Justice.


The center has become a successful social platform which provides pro bono legal aid to the residents of Odesa and Odesa region. It is the only center in Ukraine. It is the only center in Ukraine functioning at court and offers a complex approach to the solution of legal issues. The mission and the vision of Odesa Regional Public Center of Justice are to improve the accessibility of justice, especially for those who are not able to pay in order to obtain a high-quality legal consultation.


Olena is sure that success accompanies those who have a vivid individual culture and such qualities as self-discipline, communicative skills, self-education and physical attractiveness.


Her most significant person is undoubtedly her husband who always supports her in her wildest and most daring ideas, and the contest is one of those. Her mother has always been her best mentor; she is the best teacher a girl and a woman might have.


If we see a life-turning event as an event that changes your life completely, then there were not many of those in Olena's life. However, participation in Mrs Ukraine International pageant has already shown a different direction to the young woman.



Olena is sure that each contestant, and each woman in general, values honesty above all other virtues. She is no exception. Our heroine is extremely happy when she comes across unconventional people with a good sense of humor.


Spare time of a Ukrainian businesswoman with a family and two kids might seem ordinary to some, however, it is not Olena's case. She loves any event that has to do with the interests of either her children or her husband. She loves playing the piano and can spend hours doing just that and she loves playing for those who feel better by listening to the music.


Everyone in Olena's circle knows that she never lacks inspiration and strength. Still, traveling with her family, active acquaintance with new locations and unknown cultures, search for beautiful landscapes, and, to fix all those in the memory, a cup of delicious coffee can make her feel full of emotions and energy.


Her great desire to experience the incredible atmosphere of success, femininity and beauty prompted Olena to take part in the contest. This is the atmosphere that every other woman in Ukraine dreams of!