Olga Karpenko

Olga Karpenko

Personal stylist, image expert


Olga is a personal stylist, and image expert. In her work she applies the personality psychology approach.


Since 2006, when she was in her second year at university, she has been working for the family business – “Olvia Marin” boatyard which was recognized as the leader in the area for several consecutive years. Her education includes studies at Odesa National Sea University where she studied organization of transportation and transport management and training at two schools of style and image.


Olga is not married and has no kids. She loves her family and is in a very warm and trusting relationship with her parents and grandparents whom she deeply respects and is proud of.


Having worked in the family business for more than 10 years she decided to start working on her other talents. Since her childhood the young woman has been fond of painting, was able to see beauty around and create the harmony of colors and shapes. When she grew older these skills started to be of use not only in art but also in the process of creation of her own unique style. Soon, Olga decided to go into this sphere professionally.


“I can see the beauty of every person and I can release the potential of this beauty. By reflecting deeply on the personalities of my clients I know how to broadcast it with the help of style and appearance. In order to be able to do this I have been studying psychology for a long time and this makes my work results even more awesome and helps my clients achieve their goals thanks to their image and style,” says Olga.


The young woman is sure that the clothes and the image of a person are a silent communication of that person with the world around and their way to tell about themselves. It is very important for this story to be beautiful and true. This is Olga's main task – help her clients who live all around the world, from the USA to Australia. They are business owners, media personalities, bankers and university professors and they all want to look good in order to achieve success.


The thing that brought Olga to this occupation is the desire to open and realize her inner potential and talent along with the possibility to travel, meet new interesting people, observe and create beauty.


In order to achieve success each person has to be able to answer two essential questions - “What is success to me?” and “Would it make you truly happy?”. The most important factor of being successful is to know yourself, listen to your desires, see your strong sides and talents, and be able to implement them. You need to be honest with yourself and keep improving and creating in the name of your love to yourself, your vocation and your clients. You should not be afraid to make mistakes. Never give up, listen to other people and hear them. Present yourself in the right way.


Olga admires professional people of all trades, i.e. people who do things which were previously considered impossible. And, of course, she admires her family where everyone managed to achieve self-fulfillment.


The hardest choices of Olga's have to be made when she needs to choose her development over her comfort. She constantly strives to do more than it is deemed possible.


The young woman is sure that every choice, even the smallest one, determines our fates in one way or another. When speaking in the context of her professional activity, her life-turning moment happened when she decided to leave a top management position in a successful company and start learning a new trade.


She values people who love life, are honest with themselves and others, people who have large-scale personalities and are able to follow their dreams. Other important qualities are a bright mind and good sense of humor.


Olga spends her free time reading and she reads about 40-60 books per year. Another passion is traveling – she has visited 37 countries so far and is not going to stop. Dancing, yoga, conversations with interesting people and constant learning are the things that help her recharge her batteries.


The woman feels fulfilled through the discovery of the world, herself and other people; she loves studying beautiful, unique and versatile things through the prism of traveling, communication and psychology.


“I am enlightened by the feeling of inner freedom, drastic changes in the lives of my clients, creation of beauty and something important, even if it was only for one single person. I am enlightened by new professional challenges and by overcoming my personal fears, boundaries and limits,” says Olga.


She decided to take part in  Mrs Ukraine International contest in order to obtain the possibility to meet a large number of beautiful, successful and enthusiastic people, in order to get unforgettable emotions and memories. She sees the prestigious pageant as a powerful venue for new collaborations and co-operation. Yet, the main factors were the desire for inner growth and new horizons, a wish to overcome her fears and, of course, the crown of the queen!