Olga Kompaniiets

Olga Kompaniiets

Aesthetic medicine expert


Olga has been working in the sphere of aesthetic medicine for 18 years. She is the UBPF champion of Ukraine in the category “Fit Lady” and twice WBPF world champion in the category “Model Physique Lady”.


The young woman graduated from the Tax Academy of Ukraine and obtained a Master's qualification in the sphere of accounting and audit.


Olga has a wonderful and happy family, she and her husband are parents to four kids. Family is Olga's priority as it is her tiny universe where everyone feels safe, heard. Loved and supported.


Her professional vocation was determined by the encounter with her husband who is a talented and experienced surgeon with many awards – he is a Doctor of Medicine, Professor and Distinguished Doctor of Ukraine.


At a certain moment, after they had decided to work together, the couple divided the duties so that everyone had their own area of responsibility as aesthetic medicine is based on a complex approach – it is a very delicate sphere. Being responsible for changes in someone's appearance puts a whole range of obligations on the executors and leaves no room for mistakes. Each and everyone must be heard, since everyone is different and has different tastes, thus, there is a need for individual approach to every client.


The goal of their common activity is to feel and hear each of their patients, help them realize their dreams and aspirations and, as the ultimate result, feel happy from the possibility to change people's lives for the better. Some time ago Olga's husband supported her in her wish to help children with congenital nose abnormalities. For the last 15 years such kids have had the chance to get surgery on a pro bono basis and now there is quite a number of these happy little patients. It is a great pleasure to watch how their lives have changed for the better and understand that you were a part of those changes.


“To my mind, a happy person is a person who fulfills their dreams. My dream has always been to help women, to give them confidence. My job gave me the opportunity to fulfill these aspirations to the fullest,” says Olga.


Success loves brave, decisive, honest and open people. Olga is sure that everything in this world has to be done out of love. And in order to be successful in any field, love to people and your vocation should always be on the top position. You need this absolute feeling that you are doing what you love.


Olga's family is her universe where everyone has their own unique and very important role. Family is her role model and her authority. Her husband represents talent and a bright mind, and her mom is eternal love and kindness. Her father, who sadly is no longer with them, is the example of loyalty, respect and determination, whereas her daughter is the best antidepressant.


The life-turning event of Olga's life? Of course, it is the birth of her daughter!


“This is the event that I am constantly grateful for. I brought this amazing beauty to the world and she turned out to be an amazing person who I admire. I brought myself the best friend and the biggest support. She is the source of never ending love and everyday happiness,” tells Olga.


The qualities that she values the most are being true to your words, kind heart, humanity, decency, generosity, gratefulness, nobility and mutual respect.


The young woman spends her free time traveling with her family. Such leisure brings her special pleasure as it motivates her to choose new countries, find interesting and exclusive places or come back to those they enjoyed before. She loves sophisticated restaurants with delicious cuisines and hotels with impeccable service and comfort. There is also a great joy for Olga in seeing her friends, visiting her mom in the countryside at the weekend, playing golf and watching movies with all her loved ones.


She is filled with the time she spends with her family traveling and getting new impressions. Sport also takes a significant place in her life. It is a hobby which brought recognition of her talents on an international level. At the moment Olga is a two times WBPF champion in the category “Model Physique”.


The participation in Mrs Ukraine International contest was prompted by a noble goal – to organize a special foundation that would help women who have overcome breast cancer but lost their breasts and to the women who were crippled due to domestic abuse. All these women managed to keep their lives but they usually live lives full of despair, dismay and self-rejection. The task of the foundation would be to unite the best Ukrainian specialists in the fields of aesthetic surgery, cosmetology and psychology in order to bring those women back to normal. As Olga is sure – love and acceptance of other people starts with love and acceptance of oneself.