Valentyna Maznichenko

Valentyna Maznichenko

Valentyna obtained a Bachelor degree as an economist; first she studied at Kyiv Professional College of Informational Technology and Economics (part of National Aviation University) and later continued her studies at the abovementioned university.


The young woman was born in the Crimea and has a large family. Despite the fact that all her relatives live thousands of miles away from Kyiv they are constantly in touch. Valentyna has a three-year-old daughter Anna who she tries to be a role model for, showing her the example of a real woman, mother and friend. She thinks that a good relationship with the kids is the most important constituent of their upbringing and the guarantee for trust throughout the whole life.


Her business lies in the sphere of the beauty industry, to be more specific – tattoos. She is the owner of a chain of tattoo salons and co-working spaces “WhiteSharksTattoo”. Along with inspired artists she aims to create unique and true histories of their clients reflected in their tattoos. By expanding the chain, Valentyna and her team create new workplaces and give the artists the possibility to fulfill their talents and enjoy working in wonderful conditions.


The woman herself started working at the age of fourteen and she has always wanted to fulfill her potential as a person who creates a piece of art and helps others. The chain of salons was established almost incidentally, after one tattoo, and after she became the owner of the very first tattoo shop, Valentyna understood that this is her vocation – to help people bring to life their most daring dreams!


In order to succeed a person must clearly understand what they really want to achieve, what direction they are moving in and what their aims, dreams and missions are, says Valentyna. You must be able to plan your day, be conscientious and knowledgeable, determined and, with no doubt, have strong will and be ready to take risks.


The central person in her life and her role model is Valentyna's mother. She considers her to be one of the strongest women ever who, despite all the hardships, made herself stand out as a woman, took care of her kids and parents and has always demonstrated love for life, character strength, willpower, beauty and self-confidence.


The hardest decision for the young woman was to become a mother at 23 and to leave behind her career ambitions. Since early childhood Valentyna had been dreaming about a successful career and a loving family with a mother and a father side by side. Later, these two dreams came together and made the sense of her life. Meeting her husband was a life-turning event; they have come a long way together and have overcome a lot. Together they gave life to an amazing little girl and taught each other a lot of valuable things; together they have grown personally, changed and perfected themselves.


The most valuable quality for her is loyalty, loyalty to your life principles, personal values, true and honest, personal dreams, beloved people and family, and, of course, your vocation.


Valentyna loves spending her free time with her daughter; they go to the pool and entertainment centers, take walks in parks, ride scooters or bikes and do drawing which they both are fond of.


“I enjoy every moment spent with my girl and it really upsets me when I have little free time for that”, shares Valentyna.


When she spends time relaxing on her own, the woman likes to try new dishes, do swimming – she loves the sea with all her heart. She also adores traveling, spending time with her friends and going to concerts. Her ways to relax are really versatile; she may opt for an active leisure, such as cycling trips around the city, or car and jet-ski rides or go for a complete relaxation in SPA centers, or simply read a book somewhere at the seaside enjoying the views at the same time.


She feels fulfilled by spending time with her daughter and older, more experienced people; inspiration is drawn from books, various movies, prayers, meditations, travels and new impressions.


One of the crucial factors that helped Valentyna make the decision regarding the participation in Mrs Ukraine International contest was the fact that it will provide her with an incredible opportunity to obtain priceless experience, manifest herself, acquire new knowledge and skills and meet a great number of amazing, successful and happy women.