Valeriia Shynkarova

Valeriia Shynkarova

Founder of SOVA Kid’s Space kindergarten


Valeriia is a business owner and runs SOVA Kid’s Space private kindergarten in Cherkasy. 


She obtained her Bachelor's diploma at National University “Kyiv Mohyla Academy'', later she continued her studies at National Academy of Internal Affairs where she was awarded the qualification of a specialist. Her education went on at B. Khmelnytskyi Cherkasy National University (Master's diploma with honors) and J.F. Kennedy Institute. At the moment Valeriia is a postgraduate student at B. Khmelnytskyi Cherkasy National University.


The woman is lucky to have a large family – she is a happy mother to five wonderful children: four girls and a boy, each of whom has a very unique personality, character, charisma and talent. 


Her elder daughters, sixteen-year-old Veronika, thirteen-year-old Renata and nine-year-old Kristina are students at Cherkasy collegium “Berehynia” and year after year obtain honorary diplomas for their outstanding academic achievements. Young Valeriia, who is five, goes to pre-school at SOVA kindergarten and is going to start school next year. Son Zahar (2.5) goes to kindergarten and loves basketball and fishing.


Our heroine started working after her first year at Kyiv university. After she graduated from the academy, Valeriia got a position at the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Cherkasy region. Later, she and her husband were preoccupied with the planning and construction of their house. Since 2018 the woman has been a private entrepreneur. 


Valeriia has many qualities useful for a business lady which were instilled in her by her grandfather – ability to work hard, rely on your knowledge and strengths, etc. The man was a strong person with strong authority who built cities and taught at university. He taught his granddaughter to work hard, to be ready to do any kind of job without dividing it into male and female. By his own example he demonstrated that first you need to apply your knowledge and then your physical effort. He also showed the importance of having a team of like-minded people who are going to support you on your way to success. At that, he insisted on following essential human principles such as honesty, conscientiousness and decency. 


Valeriia is very responsible when it comes to studying as she understands that only an educated person can be successful in the XXI century. She has three higher education diplomas and has been a participant of numerous scientific and practical conferences in the USA, Japan, the Netherlands and Spain. She has also published a number of articles in scientific journals specializing in the rehabilitation of addicted persons and integration of disabled children into the society. 


The woman is also the founder and the head of a public organization “Kryla” (Wings) which unites families with multiple children all over Ukraine in order to provide them with informational, legal and financial support, especially to the underprivileged ones. Some time ago she used to be a coordinator of a social project for women “Mission Mama” in Cherkasy. The organization provided free educational training sessions and meetings with professional speakers and experts on women's lives. 


Valeriia is a laureate of a large number of prestigious awards. Some of them are a French-Ukrainian Queen Anne medal on a silver star “The Honor of Motherland”, “The Woman of the Year-2019” and top 10 of “The Best Professional Ukrainian Woman” rank. 


“It is difficult to plan your time when you have five kids,” says Valeriia. “You need to predict any force majeure circumstances, allow time for commuting and be ready for various courses of events at the same time. It all demands a high level of self-discipline and constant planning.”


In order to achieve success you need to want to find out more about yourself and determine your strong and weak points. There are always two sides of the same coin; each story of success has its dark side – fight with laziness, exhaustion, change of your surroundings, planning and emotional burnout. 


“I am happy inside because I live a true life. Honesty in everything is my main priority. Optimism and positive thinking are the things that help me fight all the hardships and fears. My life is to go on with everything – my children, my education, my work and civil activities, in everything. Love, compassion and kindness are the qualities that make me go ahead and help people around me, provide support and give hope for the better,” tells Valeriia.


The traits that she values the most in people are humanity, honour and ideological commitment. She is inspired by the art of photography; the best present for those in love with this area is the book 25 Lessons of Photography. 


Valeriia is a very outgoing person and she loves being among people, discussing and inspiring her team to a creative approach to their work. She easily finds her way around with all sorts of people. She loves taking her dog for walks, traveling, and watching interesting movies. The woman adores spontaneous trips with her husband and loves surprises which he arranges during such outings. 


She decided to take part in Mrs. Ukraine International 2022 contest because she loves breaking stereotypes, because she has four daughters who she is a role model for and because she wants to enjoy the beauty of the prestigious pageant.