Veronika Rozsokha

Veronika Rozsokha

Organizer of art events


Veronika is a real artist and she creates a good mood for Ukrainian women and their kids. Her professional activities involve organization of celebratory and art events which turn out to be some of the most impressive ones in Ukraine. Apart from that, the young woman is the mother to two children and the champion of Ukraine in curling.


She has two higher education degrees, one in the pharmaceutical sphere and the other – in fashion design.


“My family is my fortress and my motivation to grow. I am eternally grateful to God for the people who support me and make me enriched. My husband is my stronghold, my soulmate and my best friend. We have been married for 10 years and have two children – a son and a daughter,” tells Veronika.


The young woman is a very creative person and she has always been passionate about art, which is why she works in the sphere of event organization. She arranges various celebrations and themed features where women can spend time together with their kids, become closer, absorb creative energy and create new beautiful things which later are brought further to the world.


Having become a mother for the first time, Veronika felt the urge to fill her daughter's life with beauty, to instill her life with creativity and make her very moment precious. Together they have been making various crafts for holidays, decorations, and festive scenarios. All these have transformed into workshops for close people and family, then expanded and turned into Veronika's vocation.


The desire to live a full life is the foundation for any success. When there is passion for life and interest for the world in your eyes, when you are not afraid of responsibility and experience, then no hardships are capable of stopping you.


Veronika finds her life beacons in her heart and seeks support only in herself. However, each and every person in her life – her husband, parents, kids and friends – are the eternal source of life wisdom and priceless experience. They are the people she learns from every day and discovers new things about herself.


The most difficult decision she has ever had to take, similar to many other Ukrainian women after the maternity leave, was the decision to start her own business. She no longer wanted to go back to her previous job and, having collected all her courage, Veronika set off to this new unknown world. Her dream business did not just magically appear out of nowhere. It was constructed piece by piece, through a chain of important choices, hours of negotiations, immense personal growth, strengthening of her character and huge steps towards a more conscientious life.


One of the milestones of her life is the decision to get married after just four month of dating her future husband. At present they have been happily married for more than 10 years and Veronika is sure – the seemingly lightheaded decision taken many years ago turned out to be 100% significant and right!


She values sincere and honest people with a sense of humour, which Veronika considers the sign of a bright mind. The woman also appreciates sensitiveness, kindness and the ability to be a good friend.


Her free time is devoted to painting and reflecting the beauty of nature in landscapes. Veronika loves traveling with her family, learning new cultures and sharing experiences together. Travels open new horizons, help see the world deeper and feel the whole range of human characters and emotions.


Sport also plays a huge role in the life of our heroine. It helps her stay in shape and fills with energy necessary for her new achievements.


“Not long ago my daughter asked me to help her with a birthday present for her friend; she wanted something special and unusual. As we discovered the girl wanted to learn ballroom dancing and perform in front of her family in a real stage costume. So, we organized a dancing workshop for the little lady, with a professional instructor and an amazing outfit. I saw her eyes light up with joy and that was the moment when I understood that dreams have to come true. Now is the time to fulfill my cherished dream and take part in Mrs Ukraine International contest! I am ready for new challenges and new victories,” says Veronika.