Chernysh Maryna

Chernysh Maryna


Maryna graduated the Department of Law of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University in 2011 and obtained her Master’s degree in Law.

Not long ago she started working as a private notary as this is the job she has been dreaming of since her childhood – to help people and to fight for justice are the absolute vocations of her life, her state of mind and soul.

Maryna claims that being a notary is not a job or occupation which has a strict office timing mechanism. First of all such job requires sincerity because the young woman sympathizes and celebrates each of her clients. This is why the job of her life combines working as a psychologist, counsellor, economist and a guardian angel. “Every day I wake up and happily go to work as my 10-year experience as a lawyer finds its reflection in sincere smiles of my clients”, shares the contestant.

Many people are surprised by such a big success and prosperity of Maryna’s business. Somebody may see it as luck, somebody else – as a professional inclination, however, the woman herself sees everything in a somewhat simpler way.

“The only quality you need to possess in order to achieve success is your wish to do so. Maryna is sure that “success” means different things for different people. For someone it is the first place in a competition, for others it is to get over an illness and make the first steps. Thus, there is no universal approach to determination of qualities which support us on the way to success.”

Our contestant has a very powerful source of inspiration and a role-model embodiment for the future – her mom. The young woman is certain that any public figure plays a role and solves the problems of their programmed roles, whereas the mother is the person they know in the real sense of this word and clearly understand what she had to go through.

“It has always been a mystery to me how she manages to switch from a strict and productive manager to a friend who is able to help in the middle of the night, listen to you, support, leave the theatre in an elegant gown and cook a delicious dinner in half an hour”, Marina shares her deepest thoughts. “Modern women go to an enormous number of forums, do courses and lectures on the issues of career and work balance, strictness at work and femininity as well as time management. My mom hasn’t attended a single event of this kind in her life and she was able to achieve everything herself – how to manage to do everything and how to be different without losing your true essence. Her strength of mind, iron will, optimism, wisdom and femininity make up the example of a real woman to me. This is the woman I want to take after.”

Maryna is not one of those people who focus their attention on their failures or incorrect decisions. She thinks that every choice is difficult because of the weight of responsibility it bears; however, she is always able to find a way out if she fails. Moreover, the young woman has her own formula she uses when she needs to take a hard decision – “if the choice that I need to make takes too much time and effort, it means that I don’t really need it.”

Success and hardships walk hand in hand. Maryna’s life-turning moment was when she entered the university as she was forced to leave her previous life, friends, parents and settle down in Kyiv. Due to her persistence she managed to dedicate this period of her life to the establishment of strong personal qualities.

Despite such work, Maryna really values honesty in communication. She is used to accepting the flaws of others which, in a way, make everybody unique in their manifestation and she is sure that honest people see themselves as they really are and do not try to follow stereotypes.

Our contestant really lacks spare time so she tries to spend it in different ways like meeting up with her friends, visits to the cinema and theatres, mastering surfing and yachting skills. But like every other person she sometimes dreams to have a chance to stay at home and spend some quality time reading a book or watching a movie.

Maryna is a very sensual person and this is why she likes to recharge spiritually via the emotional side of life. Sincere talks, nice meetings, picturesque landscapes, smell of forest, noise of running water and delicious food are the things that inspire the woman to move forward. When there is no possibility for any of the above mentioned activities, she can simply sing a song while waiting in a traffic jam. 

The participation in the contest is a test for her abilities. On the way to victory she will have to overcome her lack of self-trust, shyness and anxiety. However, Maryna is going to take this challenge with enthusiasm.

“It is important to have a possibility to prove (first of all to myself) that you can do this, that you can withstand the criticism of others and accept the decision of the jury. Who knows, perhaps for someone my performance will become an example for future development in life, even under the circumstances of being absolutely preoccupied with work and daily routine. I take part in the contest not to make a statement about myself to the world but to increase the presence of the world within myself. I really think that every woman who makes a decision to participate in a pageant is already a winner.”