Oleksandra Shtanii-Medianyk

Oleksandra Shtanii-Medianyk


Oleksandra was born in Dniprodzerzhynsk. There she graduated Pershudchev Professional Children's Art School and was a member of Young artists of Ukraine. There was everything – victories at regional contests, private exhibitions, highest prizes at international contest. The girl dreamed to become a great artist. Later she started to wonder why not become a doctor and save people and not just an ordinary doctor but a neurosurgeon.

Anyway, Oleksandra was sure that great future was possible only in a big city and thus, having doubts about the career of an artist, she entered Kyiv institute of Investment Management, department of Marketing. Her diploma project turns into a real one – European School of Design which became the leader of commercial education for designers in different spheres.

Constant communication with creative people leaded the girl to study interior design and decor at  Rhodec International school and her favorite hobby became a profession.

Oleksandra is a caring mother of three kids – oldest step-son and two daughters – and a loving wife. She is also a real professional; for many years she has been working as an interior decorator both in Ukraine and abroad and she founded an architectural-design studio with her husband. For her own development Oleksandra is teaching at her dear European school of design.

Being an honest, sincere and determined person Oleksandra loves getting new knowledge and appreciates such knowledge as openness, mutual respect and desire to reach heights; she also does not like flattery. She likes going to the theatre and reading. She is keen on photography, relaxes with the help of art and is interested in psychology of interiors, relationships and child upbringing. The woman loves yoga, swimming and cycling. Her kids also give her an incredible amount of energy and inspiration and as they are very different in age (17, 9 and almost 2) she needs to be very multi-faceted and interesting!

Oleksandra has visited Italy a couple of times (the country appeals to her a lot) as well as France, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Egypt, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Germany, Switzerland and Sri Lanka.

Modern world has so many opportunities for development and fulfillment of one's potPhotoential, which is why Oleksandra is always studying as she considers that if a person doesn't study they degrade. Roller skating, singing, photography, sketching on a tablet and learning Italian – here is a short list of current ways of her self-exploration.

Oleksandra thinks that a successful woman is first of all a woman who is able to fill her house with happiness sharing warmth and care with her family.

“I decided to take part in the pageant because I see it as a new opportunity to perceive and fulfill myself as a personality, as a woman. I love taking up new endeavors, trying on new social roles unknown before, doing what I haven't done before as it gives me a chance to perceive and develop myself, get new emotions and experiences. It is development that is the source of my physical and spiritual energy. My life motto and the reason of success is in the fact that I learned to listen and feel my body, my feelings. My soul is flexible and intuitive and thirsty for knowledge. Having found my goal, having felt it, I go till the glorious end!”