Konstantsiya Kondratieva

Konstantsiya Kondratieva


Konstantsiya is a designer and founder of  L'FORYOU clothing brand. The woman has the diploma of a philologist and a teacher of English language and literature. She also studied HR Management at the Academy of Personnel Management and TV hosting at “Intershkola”. For more than four years she has been studying “happiness”, doing that in different countries, including America with the creators of The Secret movie. The girl is from Luhansk region but as a student she moved to Kyiv where she still lives. In her childhood she dreamed to be a dance instructor in order to nurture the best qualities in girls – desire to inner and outer beauty. At 18 years old the young woman managed to fulfill her dream and open her own dance studio which characterizes her as a determined person.

Konstantsiya is naturally curious and in her spare time she never misses an opportunity to enjoy some reading and literature mainly on the psychology of relationships. Due to this fact the girl got a new dream – to create a project which would bring some value to the life of women and she is actively working on it at the moment. Her favorite author is Colin Tipping and the favorite book of this writer is “Radical Forgiveness”. Radical love long ago became the way of life for the girl. Being a creative person, Konstantsiya adores the ballet and all sorts of dance productions as she is a professional ballroom dancer herself. She also does Latin American dances – salsa and bachata. Among other talents is love to painting. It started as a visualization of her dreams and has already turned into painting of big pieces. Konstantsiya also gets incredibly inspired when she attends live orchestra concerts (especially pianists) as she graduated art school where she was learning the piano. Yoga classes and meditation help Konstantsiya stay balanced and harmonious as well as be in the active energy in order to fulfill her dreams in all spheres of life. Due to her rich inner world Konstantsiya is a multi-faceted personality and loves not only fiction but also poetry. She writes poems herself being inspired by such authors as Volodymyr Vysotskyi and Anna Akhmatova.

She thinks that her biggest achievement is the awareness that a woman will never be able to win in a men's game – in business – staying at the same time a loving and caring wife, a mother, a daughter etc and that you can only be successful in the things you enjoy the most and be happy and harmonious in this.

This is why, after many years of a successful career on leading positions such as a beauty salon manager, an HR manager, a sales director etc, Konstantsiya decided to create a brand based on family values, a brand which will support women, bring them femininity and beauty and help them inspire people around. Having taken a professional approach to her business, gone into as much detail as possible and controlled the whole process, the young woman also took a creative approach to the name of her brand. She thought that the looks she creates have to inspire – With Love For You.

Konstantsiya loves traveling and discovering new countries, their cultures, highlights. She is lucky to have gone on two dream travel destinations – America and India apart from many other countries. She even lived there for a while in order to find out more about those. India proved her idea that the main value is the life itself, not material things but spiritual and how important it is to live today, be grateful, love and appreciate everything around unconditionally. America gave her the understanding of what it means to be relaxed and not struggle for survival, do what you want and look like you want, which is absolutely normal.

The strong points of this talented and creative woman are faith in herself, acceptance and gratitude. She lives her life with a motto “everything that happens in your life is happening for you and not with you!”

Konstantsiya appreciates human optimism, honesty, openness and nobility. The main value for her is sincerity. Here she quotes Omar Hayam “The lower the soul of a person the higher the nose up. He stretches his nose to where the soul has not grown.”

Konstantsiya thinks that a successful woman is the one who has the world dancing around her and she is in the middle – happy, feminine, sensual, with a spark in her eyes and childish spontaneity. She is the woman who does not need to fight for success and who does not need to fight for anything as she simply accepts the life and lives by the rule “Do only the things that make you happy and avoid the things that put out fire in your eyes.”