Daryna Kovalchuk

Daryna Kovalchuk


Daryna is the founder and director of IKOS institute which is an international educational project on the development of kinesiology (a know-how in the technology of natural renewal of the human organism) in Ukraine. She is also an international instructor of kinesiology and the official representative of the Australian Institute of Kinesiology in Ukraine.

The woman founded PO IKOS – international open space for education and development which represents leading world kinesiology schools – Australian (Neurokinesiology), American (Educational Kinesiology) and European (Sports Kinesiology). She has also created the IKOS Institute and the Code of the professional activity of kinesiologists, the Association of Kinesiologists. Daryna is the author of a number of interesting projects including social ones: Kinesiology for Schools, Kinesiology for Socially Vulnerable Families, Global Talk Kinesiology etc.

Daryna graduated M. P. Dragomanov National Pedagogical University, got the Master's Diploma in Psychology, a teacher of Psychology. After the graduation she went on to teach at the university, finished post-graduate school and is working on her PhD thesis at the moment.

Daryna studied at the School of Body-Oriented Therapy (Moscow), school of ecofacilitation of professor P. V. Lushyn, East European School of osteopathy; she also studied New German Medicine, Biopsychotheraphy (France), Somatics of Thomas Hanna, naturopathy, various schools of kinesiology and still continues studying at the Institute of Kinesiology in Germany. She was born in Kyiv and as a child dreamed to become a scientist. As Daryna says, her inventions were supposed to save people and animals from poverty and disasters.

Daryna loves music which responds to her mood: jazz, blues, cover music and mixes of various styles. She also loves the theater, as she says, it is like a short life being lived in a couple of hours and there is always a part of her soul which is going to immerse itself into the plot, sympathize and get new experience with the characters. She is keen on painting and has even presented one of her pictures to Kyiv Museum of Sex which was founded by her friends. Unfortunately, Daryna does not have that much spare time to spend it all painting but whenever there is a chance she uses it to go into the world of images and feelings which find their reflection on the canvas. Besides, the woman is keen on philosophy and finds it to be her source of inspiration. There she finds herself, answers to her questions and of course new questions. One of her favorite schools is the existential philosophy and one of its brightest representatives Viktor Frankl.

At home Daryna does fitness and likes taking walks outside. She appreciates human reliability, openness, kindness, tolerance, consistence, self-confidence, calmness, desire to develop and determination. Her strong points are honesty, simplicity, depth, kindness and ability to love.

Daryna mostly travels on business (teaching, lectures, projects, education). She has visited such countries as Sweden, Germany, Estonia, Moldova, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Lithuania and Switzerland. Daryna Kovalchuk thinks that a successful woman should love herself and others but at the same time be aware of her limits, always know what she wants, be full of life and sense, open to the world and to people, know her worth and be self-confident, follow her way and not look back, have no regrets and pay no attention to “comments”, have a strong will, look good, constantly develop and show herself in the material world bringing love and light. Sometimes we don't even realize how seemingly simple things (a dinner cooked with love, time and care devoted to an elderly person or just a smile to a passer-by) are able to change the course of events in time and space. Woman needs to be herself, accept herself and others and understand that love, tenderness and kindness are more than just states, they are ways of life.

"I decided to take part in  Mrs. Ukraine International 2018 pageant because I like the the main idea of the contest that high moral values, beauty and success are parts of an image of a modern woman. These things seem different only at the first sight, in reality they do not exist without each other. Real beauty is a state of mind and only when a woman discovers herself and finds her way, she becomes closer to herself, her soul opens to the world and this way will always be accompanied by success. My way is to create and develop this new direction in Ukraine – kinesiology! This is the area of knowledge which combines the theory and practice on the work of human body on all levels and proves the importance of all the levels of the system providing its harmonious work. My success secret is working on myself every day, being honest with myself, accepting everything that happens to me, both good or bad, as an experience and, of course, openness to everything new and love to all living creatures.”