Ksenia Hordeieva

Ksenia Hordeieva


Ksenia Hordeieva was born and grew up in Donetsk but she has been living in Kyiv for four years already. She used to be an IT coach; now she is a healthy life-style coach and naturopath. Being a professional, Ksenia applies complex approach to health and rejuvenation with the help of natural methods provided by the Nature! The woman is sure that our organism is a single system and in order to improve your health you need to approach it as a whole without any pharmacological aids as the nature itself provided us with mechanisms of detoxication, cure and renewal. Ksenia obtained several higher education diplomas – technical (System Analyst, Automation of Management Systems); natural therapy, nutrition, phytotherapy, aromatherapy, leech therapy and heliotherapy, various body practices – yoga therapy, massage (Thai traditional, Thai stretching, visceral, classic, lymphatic); she has also trained as a fitness coach. At the moment Ksenia is studying at the International School of Osteopathic Medicine. She is in love with her job and considers the positive transformations (both internal and external!) of her close friends and clients  to be the best proofs of her achievements. She also thinks that the best reward for her is the result of her work especially when she sees the shining eyes of her clients.

Ksenia Hordeieva is professionally keen on sports; she goes jogging outside every day, does yoga, pranayama, female Dao practices, stretching, follows a healthy life-style and even has sport prizes: 1st prize “Fitness Diva”, 2nd prize “Fitness Model” and 3rd prize “Miss Fitness”. She loves traveling and discovering the world and she has already visited Austria, Spain (Barcelona), Italy (Milan), Dominican Republic, Switzerland, France (Courchevel) , Hungary (Budapest), the Netherlands (Amsterdam), the Maldives, Thailand (Bangkok, islands of Samui, Krabi and Phuket), Andorra, Cyprus (Aia Napa), Crete, Germany (Munich). Her strong points are desire and determination to change herself for better, fight the stereotypes and mass-system standards, widen her horizons, learn something new and constantly develop.

Ksenia does not see life as black and white, good or bad. She always tries to stay in good mood and follows her life motto “Everything what is done is for better!” She appreciates human sincerity, openness to new knowledge and kindheartedness. As a child Ksenia dreamed to be like Cindy Crawford as she was inspired by beautiful fitness videos of the model on the roof. She also wanted to be like Madonna, do yoga and be vegan, which she eventually came to be.

Ksenia Hordeieva thinks that a successful woman is the one who first of all has found inner harmony and is not only physically but also spiritually healthy, responsible for her actions and life choices, the one who possesses inspiration and endless potential, the one who is able to accept

and be grateful for everything, ready to lose everything and still manages to stay a happy woman.

“I decided to take part in Mrs. Ukraine International 2018 in order to make a statement about myself, promote healthy life-style. I love shows, stage, beautiful dresses, being among similar-minded people, successful and beautiful women. In the future I dream to open a chain of detox-clinics working on rejuvenation and health and the title of Mrs. Ukraine International is a great chance to tell about myself to the whole country. My success is to be honest with myself in the first place, listen to my intuition, go to bed early and wake up early, believe that our lives depend on ourselves as we are the magicians of our destiny, save the energy and lead it where necessary.