Inna Chernychuk

Inna Chernychuk


Inna is a loving wife and a happy mother of two daughters, Diana and Marianna who constantly inspire the woman to move forward, develop and seek perfection. She thinks that her devotion is beauty and wants to help people be healthy and good-looking. She has a diploma in English language and literature; she also obtained her MBA at MIM school in Kyiv and studied at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, the USA). It is very important for her to do what she loves and what she believes in as in this case life will definitely be full of success and inspiration.

At the moment Inna is working on the establishing the institute of metameric cosmetology which is an innovative method for renewal and regeneration of human body functions by the method of Dr. V. A. Bersenev. She defines her own formula of success as work, patience, talent and, of course, faith in herself and support of the family.

As a mother Inna thinks that there are no “other” children which is why she actively supports and helps kids who have no parents.

She appreciates human honesty, sincerity, loyalty and kindness. She is inspired by her beloved husband, charming daughters, travels widening her horizons, successful people, beauty of the nature and books. Love to art and especially music is an integral part of her life. She thinks that human voice is a unique instrument and when you know how to use it skillfully, you can do wonders. Music fills her with powers and enriches emotionally.

“I am inspired by women who take part in such contests: attractive, talented, successful ladies, wonderful moms and wives! For me participation in this pageant is first of all a great opportunity to demonstrate the world the beauty and complexity of a Ukrainian woman.”