Kateryna Hmilevska

Kateryna Hmilevska


From the childhood Kateryna dreamed to help people. She obtained higher education in psychology at Kyiv International University. First of all she is a happy woman and a mother. For 11 years she has been married to the best husband who she has two amazing boys with – Matvii (10) and Lukian (5). Kateryna loves sincerity, passion and courage to follow your desires as she knows like nobody else what it means to go towards her dreams.

She obtained education in psychology but, unfortunately, had to put her diploma away for 10 years. After her second son was born, Kateryna felt a strong need to change something about her life. One sunny morning she woke up with a strong feeling that it was the time to back to psychology, to her initial wishes and dreams. At the moment she has her own private practice. Kateryna chose psychology because it fulfills and inspires her. She loves her job; it is truly the job of her life. This is why she has the motivation to develop, open new horizons and move only forward. The thinks that in order to achieve success you need a spark, you need to breathe your job, be persistent, flexible and form a motivating surrounding which will be your support and source of inspiration. The most important events in her life are meetings. Meeting the men of her life. Meeting her kids. Meeting teachers and mentors. All these happened before the main meeting of her life – meeting her true self. But you need a lot of time for that. Kateryna's role models are women who bring to life and implement important personal and social ideas such as Masha Efrosinina, Dasha Malahova, Iaroslava Hres, Anna Kushniruk etc. They all do different things (health, kids, education, development, self-love) but there is something important in all of them, something which unites them – they do not simply want to make the world a better place but they are already doing it; they are making women happier and more self-confident.

Kateryna spends her free time with her family walking, going to various events and interesting places together. It could also be the time that the woman devotes only to herself. Apart from massages, swimming, English classes and walks she loves attending various women's classes which allow her to know herself better, develop her femininity and broaden the horizons of her perception. Her inspiration sources are travels, time spent with close people, her job and family. It was when she felt herself fulfilled that she started writing poems.

“I am 35. When I had the first thought about the contest, I immediately had another “Why yes?” I liked that answer and I accepted it. I was amazed because a year or two ago I wouldn't even think of allowing myself to do it. My time has come. I know that for sure!”