Natalia Seminska

Natalia Seminska


Natalia studied at gymnasia 117 in Kyiv. She graduated Kyiv National Economic University by the speciality International Economics and Management and Hastings School of English in England.

Natalia has been married for ten years. She has the best husband in the world, Ihor, and wonderful kids: son Matvii (7) and daughter Polina (3). The kids did not go to the kindergarten as their mom took care of them herself using various modern methods and literature just as her father did. He was an absolute authority to his daughter and a real Human, a role model in everything. A distinguished Ukrainian geologist was a great patriot and taught Natalia and her brother love to their country, its language and history. In one moment she grew up and understood that she had to live in the way that would fulfill his hopes and realize his contribution.

The kids inspired Natalia to open modern “Main School” which was founded on the basis of an IT-school. The main mission of the establishment is to reveal and develop talents of every child as modern indigo children – children of light – are incredibly talented and it is important to see those talents and help to develop them to their maximum potential via modern technologies and innovative knowledge. Every child is a personality who needs individual way of development and not just growing up in the stream of information. This became the motivation to create the school. Natalia and her husband have been working in the educational sphere for more than 15 years and they work exclusively with novel technologies and cutting-edge knowledge.

To her mind, personal success depends on optimism, clear strategy and incredible love to her job. A very important role is played by the support of the best family in the world and care after the inner and outer beauty. The main thing is not to be afraid of difficulties as a person who is ready to be held responsible is able to find a solution to any problem.

Her husband Ihor is a real role model for Natalia. He is a unique person, a PhD in technical studies, CCIE, a master of sports in swimming, an acting sprinter and a champion. There is nothing impossible for him. He grew up from a humble IT teacher into the founder and top-manager of the most professional Ukrainian IT academy “ Main Academy”. The best things that happened to Natalia happened to her next to him. She appreciates the qualities which demonstrate moral values and good upbringing – frankness, responsibility and reliability, determination, ability to self-analysis, positive mindset and a good sense of humor as it can sometimes do wonders! She appreciates all these qualities in people because she has them as well.

Natalia has always been filled with life. There are so many interesting, unknown and undiscovered things around that when exploring them she fills with energy, creates, lives ad flies! The woman also does Tsi-Gun gymnastics; her classes are aimed at renewal of the natural flow of energy in the human body. This new knowledge fill her, give her strength and raise her. Because of incredibly tight schedule, which barely has a free minute, Natalia and her husband spend all their free time with the kids. They love mushroom hunting, cycling, swimming, making quests for the kids, doing sports, visiting the theater and making cartoons with the kids.

“I simply could not miss such an opportunity as Mrs. Ukraine International 2019 pageant. As soon as I was offered to take part, I immediately decided that I am going to do it and from the very first minute I was walking with my head high, as a real queen. It means turning on the “extra engine” once again and find some time for the pageant in my busy schedule. But it would be a shame to miss this chance!”