Olga Amrai

Olga Amrai


Olga is a founder of an IT company and together with her team develops an innovative VR/AR platform. She graduated Vinnytsia Technical University. Since the childhood Olga stood out with her love to life and inner fire which helped her reach her life goals. She often attended various trainings and has read loads of business literature since she was 16. At her 20 she was the director of a cosmetics company. Robert Kiosaki and Tony Robbins have been her best mentors in the sphere of finance.

Unfortunately, her life was not all smooth and calm. She married a foreign man with a big age difference despite her father's will. Her father is the most significant person for Olga and his opinion is sacred for her. “I married my big love and this love was mutual. Our long-awaited child was born in harmony and peace but after 10 years of marriage we divorced. I was the initiator of it as the relationship outlived itself and there were no chances for further development. After the divorce I founded an international company and risked to move to another country in order to maintain it. I did not only move myself but also moved the key personnel which was not an easy decision at all.”

Olga considers herself to be a leader but for a long time she had been fighting her own shyness and lack of self-confidence. She overcame these with the help of her friends and people supporting her. They say that she appreciates honesty, first of all to herself, because it is easier to communicate with such people. All her free time she spends with her son Prince, who is seven. Together they go shopping, discuss life, financial literacy and other useful things.

“I am filled with communication with people, going live and sharing my own experience, provide valuable content which is sometimes impossible to buy at business trainers. The feedback allows me to become better, develop and keep sharing my experience with the viewers. I have a lot of ideas and energy which will motivate everyone to improve their life.”