Safinaz Dzhelil

Safinaz Dzhelil


Safinaz does charity support of young mothers and pregnant women, works on her own program of personal transformation and creates children's literature for kids in Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian languages.

Since the childhood she has loved filling the world with kindness, learning different human studies and helping those less fortunate than herself. She thinks that mutual support is the main factor of a happy family life. The world of every woman changes with the birth of her child and obtains new bright colors. Safinaz has four children, the oldest boy is six. Her husband is her best friend, teacher and mentor and is a role model to her.

Safinaz has a lot of friends and they communicate all the time. She appreciates the depth of soul and ability to communicate under any circumstances. It is also important for her whether a person has empathy, patience, love to people, ability to suppress conflicts and kind heart. It is as well important to have your inner strength and will power.

“My friends talked me into taking part in the pageant which is not really characteristic of me. They are my support and my inspiration.”