Viktoria Kalmykova

Viktoria Kalmykova


Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 “For Achievements in Business Leaded by Women”, active member of the women-entrepreneurs committee of Chernihiv region, League of Businesswomen of Ukraine, owner of a mini-shelter for dogs.

“My activity began in my distant pioneer childhood when I took the 1st prize at school for the scrap metal she had collected”, Viktoria jokes. And now she has her own metal processing company “VK TEKHRESURS” which has been recycling scrap metal for 21 years and taking care of the environment.

Viktoria thinks that the life-changing event of her life was meeting her husband. They have a strong family which is a mutual achievement. She is very proud of the success of every member of her family. Her husband Yurii is the European champion and 19th in the world in high precision firing; her  son Hlib (28) crossed half of Europe on a bicycle; her other son Oleksandr (26) is the champion of Ukraine and a master of sports in bodybuilding and he is also the father of Viktoria's wonderful grandson Maks, who is 2.

Every successful person has a role model and such person for Viktoria is her father – a talented pilot, caring father, wonderful manager and an honest and generous person. This is why the woman greatly appreciates sincerity and kindness, determination and dignity. The more skills and knowledge a person has, the more opportunities they face which is why Viktoria pays a lot of attention to her studies.

She loves traveling and active leisure with her friends, going to the theater where she gets sincere live emotions and exchanges energy. Or, quite the opposite, sometimes she likes spending time alone outside and enjoying the silence.

“The mission of the contest is similar to mine – to represent women-entrepreneurs of Ukraine in European business space. However, such format is very unusual for me and this is a challenge to myself. This project is an opportunity to reveal myself and be useful to many women, to inspire them to self-fulfillment. It is necessary to dream and believe in yourself, bring your dream to life and follow it staying at the same loved, loving and unconditionally beautiful. This is why I am here.”