Yulia Ignatova

Yulia Ignatova


Yulia has higher education in Law and is an entrepreneur. From the early age she was very intelligent and life-loving. She still thinks that you have to love what you do. Follow your way without copying anyone. Build your own way as only strong people with strategic thinking are capable of that. Her father taught her the desire to education and constant self-development from the childhood. Yulia thinks that the intelligence is an integral part of success.

She thinks that a life-turning event in her life was meeting her husband at one of the trainings she attended. Together they have two children – ten-year-old daughter and a son, who is six. Yulia gets everything she needs for harmony and happiness from her family, namely support, inspiration and motivation to develop. At her previous job she discovered the world of furniture brands and their manufacturers. Having analyzed their activity in Ukraine she understood that they work only via Russian or Italian representatives and decided to realize her idea of organizing the first Ukrainian representative company for the best brands of furniture and light from Italy.  

At the moment Yulia is the owner of the  Felicità company which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. She loves sharing latest furniture trends with designers and architects in Ukraine. She travels a lot, giving trainings for the leading Ukrainian designers and teaches in Italy. The job gives her new acquaintances and exciting communication with creative people who then design remarkable interiors and inspire her.

Yulia loves experiencing new cultures which is why she learned Italian. She is proud of Ukrainian culture and history and shares it with the European representatives at their common meetings.

She is inspired by the hugs of her kids, delicious food made by her husband, music, world, travels, meeting new interesting people including world-famous designers Jean-Marie Massaud, Emmanuel Gallina, Marcel Wanders and Michele Cazzaniga.

Sport is also an important part of Yulia's life as it gives her the feeling of being full of energy and self-confidence.

“Trainings help me always stay in shape, look good, eat healthy and be in a great mood. Last year I decided to go further on and took part in a tournament. The first one was the Ukrainian championship of the All-Ukrainian Federation of Bodybuilding, Fitness and Athleticism UBPF in Kyiv where I got the bronze medal. At the European championship I was in the TOP-5 and finished the season with the trip to Fitparad where I got the silver prize and the title of the Vice-Champion in the “Fitness Mama” nomination”, Yulia commented.

In her free time Yulia loves being with her kids and husband, visiting the gym with all her family and then going to sauna, sharing their impressions, building holiday plans etc.

“For me participation in this pageant is first of all the opportunity to show Ukrainian women that everything is possible and you do need to sacrifice something over something else. I managed to be a loving wife, caring mother of two wonderful kids, run my own business, achieve success in sports, learn Italian just because I liked it and I combine all these elements into my endless and happy life”, commented Yulia.