Demchyshyn Mariana

Demchyshyn Mariana


Founder and head manager of "S.K.I.M" furniture manufacturing company.

Mariana got her honors diploma in Finance at LvivCommercialAcademy, which had a significant impact on her career choice and professional path.

She is a really happy person as she has her biggest treasure – her family. She loves to call her two daughters princesses.

Our contestant is sure that any cozy home should start with quality and comfortable furniture which is why she is in charge of a company producing it. The woman is not used to being inactive, thus, her manufacture is famous not only for their desire to satisfy any customer, but also for striving to diversify and improve the range of products they offer. Being number one is the life motto of Mariana.

The young woman highly respects her family as they were the ones to found the furniture factory; later Mariana opened her own business which has been very successful. Her parents taught Mariana to respect the work of others and move towards success, first rule of which is optimism and faith in your dreams and only after come accurate analysis and planning.

Despite her young age Mariana has obtained quite a number of leadership skills which she is ready to demonstrate anywhere; focus, bright mind, energy and ingenuity are among those. These are the qualities which help the woman to be not only a skilled manager but also a model mother.

The things that Mariana appreciates the most are the ability to be responsible for your actions along with being honest, polite and having a sense of humor.

As the family is the most important aspect of her life, Mariana spends all her free time with them. There are no problems planning family weekends – they spend them going to zoos, entertainment centers, cinemas and water parks; they also love going out of town together. 

Mariana and her family are really passionate about traveling which is why they take any opportunity to set off somewhere new, no matter whether it is a tour around Europe or a trip to warm seaside with the kids. She is sure that a holiday spent together cannot be a failure.

When asked about the reason to participate in the Mrs. Ukraine International contest Mariana gives a clear reply:

“I am very proud to take part in this legendary pageant for successful women. It is the first step towards self-realization and incredibly good emotions. It is also a chance to share our experiences and meet new people! And it is a great opportunity to profile myself as a beautiful and successful woman not only in the terms of material wealth but also in other spheres of life.”