Victoria Faynblat

Victoria Faynblat


Ukrainian architect and designer, owner of the “Victoria Faynblat” design bureau, winner of the following awards: ART SPACE, “Interior of the Year”, KIFF PROPERTY AWARDS and others.


Our contestant has two higher education diplomas; she is a psychiatrist and narcologist and a designer and architect. Her everyday schedule is very busy and complicated, but she is sure that when you have your beloved children and husband waiting for you at home, any deadlines can be met. The family is the biggest motivation for the young woman. Fifteen years ago she met her husband; together they are raising two kids – a 7-year-old son and a 4-year-old daughter. The well-being of her kids, their future and education are always the priorities for Victoria. Thus, the happiness of the family is the major project of her life. She is ready to do anything for the smiles of her children and her husband.

Victoria was born in the family of doctors and it seemed that her career choice had been determined since the day she was born. Indeed, after the high school graduation the young woman entered the O. Bohomolets National Medical University, however, an incidental experience of redecorating the family country house revealed her hidden talent in interior design. Later, this became not just a hobby, but the full-scale business.

For more than 15 years the design bureau of Victoria Faynblat provides cozy homes for hundreds of happy families. More than 30000 square meters – this is the scale of Victoria’s experience in planning, building and decorating of new homes for her clients, not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. Each client and their house is a separate world. Victoria is sure that it is due to personal approach to everyone that she manages to make each of her clients happy and help them feel really satisfied.

Victoria has a habit of doing everything to the full which is why she immerses into any project and personally deals with the problems that may occur at any stage of the process.

It is difficult to find a role model for such a successful woman but Victoria admits that the family has been her primary source of inspiration since the childhood. Her parents have always cherished her talents, raised her as a sincere person and taught her the values that she now passes on to her children. She considers her mother to be the woman who is worthy of taking after.

Victoria knows that if her mother was here now, she would be very proud of her daughter. Most probably, the young woman inherited her desire to self-fulfillment from her mother as throughout all her life she set an example of how successful a woman could be in combining the harmony of family life and successful career. Victoria herself can be a good role model: she helps unfortunate kids from orphanages to believe in themselves and their future. She takes care of the youngest Ukrainians who need care and help the most – children with disabilities, oncological diseases and heart conditions. As a doctor, Victoria understands the needs of such kids and tries to do her best in helping them.  

Victoria lacks free time, but she always manages to find as much time as possible for her family. They travel together, have picnics in the countryside or simply gather together with her brothers and sisters at their parents’. It is a real family tradition which cannot be ruined by their busy schedules. By this example Victoria teaches her children to value the family above all. She also tries to broaden her horizons in her leisure time, so organizing a visit to the theatre would not be an issue even after a hard working day.

The young woman is sure that a modern woman is able to do everything and she strives to prove this by her own example and this is one of the aims of her participation in Mrs. Ukraine International pageant.

“I travel a lot and I often notice that people abroad have a rather false stereotype that Ukrainian women are only famous for their beauty. I would love to prove to everyone that we are capable of anything: reaching the tops which even men sometimes cannot reach, raising kids at the same time and running a successful business, setting records and looking immaculately despite the crazy rhythm of life. So, hold on, I am full of determination!”