Oborska Alina

Oborska Alina



Alina has the higher education diploma of a theatre director; later in life she obtained the degree of a Candidate of Science in Art Studies. Her second higher education is in the sphere of practical psychology.

Alina has been happily married for 23 years, having blessed her husband with four wonderful children (three sons and a daughter).

It turns out that the success of a business lies in the hands of a psychotherapist. There is nothing more important than the healthy atmosphere within the company. Businesses should be run by people with powerful psychological resources, which is why Alina helps to anchor maturity processes and life resistance of employees.This allows the young woman herself to rise to another level after level.

Alina is sure that success is not an easy task and most often it is herself that she asks additional questions. Not everyone understands what is going to be sacrificed and what is going to be paid for their victories and that’s why “success” is a controversial notion for this woman.

Our contestant is not only able to call out emotions but also to feel them. They are mostly about the people who constantly inspire her, starting with her family and mentors and up to such historic persons as Dalai Lama.

Alina follows one rule in her life which is “Only a happy woman has happy children and husband.” This rule motivated her to concentrate not only on her motherhood and the role of a wife but also made her devote a large part of her life to self-fulfillment which enables her to be happy and share her positive emotions with others.

Alina often lacks free time but she has a rule to “breathe out”, in other words she finds time to get back on earth and rest. Most often she seeks relaxation in yoga and ballet as well as in common trips with her husband. All these are able to provide her with the resource necessary for her own inspiration.

Alina was dreaming of taking part in the Mrs. Ukraine International pageant for a long time, however, it was only when she felt confident of her abilities that she decided to apply.

“I have already invested so much in my inner world that now I only want to relax and watch my beauty being surrounded by other beautiful women. Besides, I do not want to compete fiercely or to prove anything!”