Victoria Rudko

Victoria Rudko


Founder and manager of the international center of permanent make-up “Rudko Artline” 


Victoria has technical education, however, she chose to have a career in the beauty industry, which she is constantly studying and exploring. She acts as a speaker at international conferences and a judge at championships, a coach and a mentor for her colleagues all over the world, from New York to Tel-Aviv. 

She is a happy person as she has a strong and close-knit family which is based on two main things – love and respect. It is her family that inspires her to become better. 

Victoria loves her occupation and is actively involved into the development of her own international center of permanent make-up, the only one in Ukraine. 

“The Universe itself chose this field for me. It led me, gave me the directions and set the key points. I enjoy and feel the stream of energy when I myself make girls more beautiful and happier, and not just for a day but for a couple of years! Their emotions are the magic which I cannot live without.”

Victoria’s center organizes charity programs with the help of which people get an opportunity to gain back their confidence after unfortunate surgical intrusions, burns, skin transplantations and breast cancer. 

One can only envy the life dynamics of this young woman: events, meetings and new acquaintances, loads of positive emotions and unforgettable experiences. She always lacks free time but even under such consequences she manages to find a minute for herself. Sports, traveling, meditation and balanced diet gave her a special taste of life. 

Victoria knows for sure that success is complete dedication to your occupation. Living and breathing your work is the real way to victory! This life wisdom was passed to the woman by her mother who is also her friend, her mentor, her support and her love. This is the energy that helps Victoria be a happy and successful woman. 

Victoria is sure that the participation in the contest is going to open new horizons and opportunities to her. “Mrs. Ukraine International is the platform for growth and search for new fields in which I will be able to give a part of myself to people.”