Alina Kutsenko

Alina Kutsenko


Private entrepreneur.


Alina obtained her higher education at National University “Odessa Law Academy” and has a Master's diploma in Law.


Apart from her entrepreneurial activities, Alina spends a lot of her time doing charity work, specifically, helping orphanages throughout the Odessa region. She is sure that the status and title of Mrs. Ukraine International are going to help her speed up the opening of her own public charity organization which will help such institutions all over Ukraine. Alina confidently moves towards her goal, step by step, and the motto she follows in life is “The most important 3 words you can say to yourself: Yes, I can.”


Prior to starting her work in business and devoting herself to charity, Alina used to work at the prosecution authorities, however, after some experience there she realized that her interests and vocation are in another field.


In order to make her plans come true the young woman needs money and social status, which is why she joined the family business which brings people health. At the moment it is a sauna complex; part of their income is spent on the needs of orphanages.


Due to her charity work Alina became one of TOP 100 successful women of Odessa region and she does not plan to stop, but to move in the same direction and expand the business to other regions of Ukraine.


She is sure that in order to achieve success a woman needs to be, first of all, determined, courageous and self-confident. Alina believes that she has these qualities as well as her father who is her most important role model and the main man in her life.

“My dad is an incredibly smart and educated person; he managed to achieve success and I love listening to him and trying to take as much as I can from him,” says Alina proudly.

The young woman thinks that her most significant and difficult decisions were made at the time of her work at the prosecutor's office. She values honesty, enthusiasm and determination.


Since ancient times human desire to compete and develop has brought many competitive disciplines and one of those, namely shooting, has become a real hobby for Alina. Her interaction with weapons taught her discipline, quick reaction and composure.


Communication with intelligent people and travel help our contestant to feel fulfilled in life.


Alina made the decision to take part in Mrs. Ukraine International contest because she believes that the winner has a lot of opportunities ahead and those will help her to realize her ambitions, especially in the charity sphere.

“I hope that this new title will help me make my biggest dream come true – be useful to the young generation of our country! They are our future and happy eyes of those kids will be my biggest prize,” speaks Alina confidently.