Anna Kovalchuk

Anna Kovalchuk


Anna has a Doctor’s degree in Medicine and she works as a physician, cardiologist and occupational pathologist. She also works in the field of psychotherapy and spiritual practices, is a Master and Teacher of Reiki and Tarot and an active civil activist.


Anna graduated O. O. Bohomolets National Medical University, P. L. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Post-graduate Studies, Zaporizhzhia Medical Academy of Post-graduate Studies, graduated post-graduate school at M.D. Strazhesko Institute of Cardiology. She has also studied with the Masters from India, Nepal and Bhutan.


Anna was born in a family of doctors and her son Anton, who is 13, also intends to carry on this tradition and contribute to the health care reform in order to make it more efficient and available to everyone in Ukraine.


At the moment Anna is working on her project to create the Clinic of the Third Century Medicine alongside with her programme for women “Way to Happiness”. She is also finishing her doctorate thesis, “The Reform of the Healthcare System in Ukraine”. Anna thinks that every person is originally healthy and this is their natural state, whereas the resource which helps to achieve perfect health and the state of happiness is centered within us. Doctors, healers and psychologists are only the catalysts for their patients and clients, the ones who show them the way to move forward. New age medicine needs to combine the advances of modern science and ancient knowledge which we inherited from the bygone times but which, still, is very efficient.

“I do this because I do understand that this is my vocation and destiny. Healthy and harmonious society starts from a healthy and harmonious person and family.”

When working as a cardiologist, Anna realized that by prescribing a lot of medications to her patients she didn’t make them healthy. It was only some sort of support, symptomatic treatment of certain pathological processes in their bodies, whereas real healing was somewhere deeper. Eventually, she started researching, studying and looking for answers and that was the time when she discovered philosophical truths of Buddhism, Hinduism and novel developments of quantum physics.


Anna is sure that in order to achieve success you need to be confident in yourself and your abilities, have no doubts and concerns about the opinions of others. You also need willpower, trust in your intuition and the ability to be in the right place at the right time.


Anna says that all the people who have entered her life from time to time and who have stayed there either for a long time or for a short period were her Teachers.

“Often, the lessons that they taught me were rather harsh and even cruel, but they helped me to polish my personality. Without these people I wouldn’t be the person I am now.” Among famous people who she may consider significant in her life the young woman points out Mahatma Gandhi, Golda Meir and Margaret Thatcher.

Sometimes, when you are moving towards your goals, you need to make some hard decisions. Anna also had to make one. However, she does not want to speak out about it at the moment, she only admits that it was not the right one. At the same time her studies at the medical university, moving to Kyiv and the birth of her child were really life changing events for our heroine! These are the decisions which are really worth talking about!


Kindness, honesty, ability to listen, sharp mind, professional qualities, desire to learn, ability to think clearly and analyze and ability to admit your own faults are all among the qualities that Anna values the most in people.


She prefers to spend her free time with her family, somewhere outside, in places full of power, where she obtains her energy and optimism.


Anna also loves traveling and discovering unknown places on our planet and searching for interesting spots in Ukraine. She and her son go on long distance cycling trips around Ukraine. All this is combined with everyday spiritual practices – meditations, pranayama, Reiki, etc. Her philosophical and psychological posts on social media are going to be the basis for the future book by Anna Kovalchuk.


She considers the Mrs. Ukraine International contest to be a new experience in her life.

“I love trying new things. It is what I find interesting. It is also a chance to expand my communication and meet new fascinating people. I have always wanted to perform on stage and now I have a chance to make it come true.”