Anna Golovatova-Brunette

Anna Golovatova-Brunette


Phytodesigner, designer


Anna is an accomplished phytodesigner, which means that she deals with plants and flowers inside various interiors. She is a specialist who is constantly surrounded with flowers and knows everything about them, who is informed on all the trends of flower fashion and knows the principles of design and decoration styles. As a professional and a guru in her area, Anna is also a psychologist as she works with people.


After her daughter was born, Anna had an idea which she quickly started to realize – making formal couture gowns for girls. Girls, to her mind, are another universe which is made up of femininity and capriciousness, and, at the same time, of love to dresses, high heels, bags and the things beautiful.

My brand is called @MaMichelle and in the future, if my daughter wishes so, she will be able to carry on my business and create her own collections of clothes. It my legacy for her,” says Anna.

Anna has a university diploma – she graduated the Institute of Foreign languages (specializing in English and French). She is married and has two wonderful kids; Marko is seven, whereas her daughter Michelle is almost two. Her kids are her universe. A lot of events in Anna’s life are somehow connected to France which is why her daughter’s name was also “born” there. Magic as it is!


Our contestant is a businesswoman and the founder of company which specializes in everything having to do with flowers and phytodesign.


The global tendency towards the development of eco-innovations fascinated Anna when she was working in a Swedish company of that kind. This is the sort of business which enables to create the most natural surrounding for work and living within any space. It looks good, it is aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly and, at the same time, each project is one of its kind and has no counterparts anywhere in the world.

“Each project is a challenge to me, my team and time,” emphasizes Anna.

Being in love with the business, which is more like a hobby, successful projects and, of course, happy smiles of people seeing their unique “live” interiors are the factors that make Anna move towards success particularly in the area of phytodesign.


In order to be successful Anna thinks that you need to believe in yourself, be hyper-responsible in front of yourself, your team and your client, be ready to face difficulties and be extremely stress-resistant, be totally client-oriented and eliminate the word “impossible” from your vocabulary. All these make up the success formula for Anna Golovatova-Brunette.


Her personality has been influenced mainly by her origin, family and upbringing from one side, and by her school and institute from another. However, it sometimes happens that a total stranger can become a stimulus to move forward! The founder of the Swedish company, Marika Vern, has become such a role model for the young woman.


It was also the support from her life partner and beloved husband Oleksandr which helped Anna to make the most important decision in her life – to start her own business and sacrifice the comfort she had been used to. Even when she took the life-turning decision to move to another country for four years the family took her side and always supported her.


Anna is one of those people who are in touch. Thus, she also values people who are 24/7 online, who can prevent conflicts and are ready to solve problems. Among personal qualities valued by Anna are honesty, positive mindset and ambitiousness.


The young woman tries to spend all her free time at home with kids. They can be drawing, painting or doing experiments. But her biggest inspiration and relaxation are travelling, motor-racing, driving and snowboarding. Another prominent place in Anna’s schedule is taken by family holidays – the New Year, Christmas and even Halloween.


Still, the main drive to her life is brought by travelling. She is willing to spend hours and miles looking for new memories: visiting the Monaco Aquarium, a museum in Florence or a spy museum in Berlin – you name it.


Despite her tight schedule and fast pace of life, Anna decided to take part in Mrs. Ukraine International contest. She did so in order to tell about the business of her life and inspire many more girls, women and mothers to combine important aspects of life and business, having some personal time and time for their own interests and development.