Svitlana Boyko

Svitlana Boyko


Private entrepreneur, real estate agent


Since young age Svitlana has not been afraid to experiment and search for her true self. First, she wanted to become a doctor, and, realizing all the difficulties of studying and responsibilities of her future occupation, she entered the medical university. But when she understood that she was more interested in doing business, she started everything from scratch having no fears or doubts. Thus, she became a student again, this time at the department of Economics.


Later, being already a successful businesswoman, she decided not to stop on her way to obtaining new knowledge, skills and experience. Her new occupation is a TV hostess and a content-maker which she is now studying at 1+1 media school.


Svitlana’s inspiration to reach new horizons is her family – her husband and 11-year-old son. She is sure that with them she is ready to take up new activities as her family is sure to support her.


Family is her biggest value and she says that creating her family and the birth of her child were the life-turning events for her.


She spends a lot of time raising her son. In the past she was not ready to let a nanny take care of the baby in order to devote herself to her work full-time. However, this did not stop the young mother on the way to personal development.


In order to combine her career with family and household matters, Svitlana started to work as a realtor at a real estate agency. In a couple of years she had already helped to find a new home or to sell the old one to thousands of grateful clients. And recently the entrepreneurial talent of our contestant inspired her to create a new large business project. At the moment Svitlana is working on establishing a distribution company which will sell organic ice-cream.


She is sure that inspiration and success come to educated and open-minded people and considers honesty and sincerity with clients and colleagues to be the key factors of a business with a good reputation.


These were the values that her loving parents taught Svitlana. Her sister Ruslana has also supported her life beacons and she is the person whom our contestant calls her mentor and indispensable advisor. Her sister was one of those who constantly supported Svitlana during one of the most difficult periods of her life when she decided to switch careers and run her own business.


The traits that our contestant appreciates most are honesty, courage, sense of humor and creativity. Her favorite activities (literature, traveling and self-education) encourage Svitlana to develop these features in herself as well. She also loves going to the cinema with her family.

She considers the participation in Mrs. Ukraine International contest to be a chance to try her strength and to be a role model for others. “It is not simply an opportunity to become a winner, but also to share my experience of success which may be useful to every young woman.”