Olga Levchenko

Olga Levchenko


Architect, designer


At the moment Olga is studying at Kyiv Institute of Modern Psychology and Psychotherapy in the field of “Clinical Psychology”.


She also studied at Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture (diploma of “Designer of Architectural Environment”) and at Kyiv Slavic University majoring in International Affairs and Foreign Politics.

Olga is married; she and her husband have two daughters – Margarita is 16 and Solomia is 10.

As a professional, Olga deals with the construction of country houses, town houses, duplexes, their development and design. Although her aim was a career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that did not work for her. There weren’t many options regarding what else she could do and construction was the sphere where she felt comfortable, enjoyable and profitable.

Construction as a hobby met with Olga’s desire to be useful to people and, as a result, turned out to be the job of her life! And when such a business brings you satisfaction and is properly rewarded, it means that you are on the right path.

Olga thinks that a person is born with certain inbred talents and abilities which are being discovered and polished during the process of growing up. This is why, for an adult, it is very important to set clear goals and be determined despite the obstacles, failures and treasons. You always need to be self-confident, even if you do not know something, you need to be ambitious, demonstrate strength and determination. At the same time, you need to be decent in everything you say and do. All these combined with social skills and charisma give you an incredible chance to be successful.

Olga calls her father the best mentor and role model. She characterizes him as a person of instruction, whose words have been imprinted in her heart since the early age.

“Treat people as you want to be treated yourself.” He is the example of good heart, kindness, mercy, intelligence, wisdom, dignity, love, honesty, humbleness and patience! “There has always been something to learn from my father. I am very grateful to him!”

The hardest decision Tetiana has ever had to make was to refuse to pursue her dream for the sake of her family.

“But I do not regret anything, it’s all to the good and there is time for everything. The best example would be the Mrs. Ukraine International contest. A year ago I couldn’t even imagine taking part in it. So, the dreams come true, but they are always different and you only need to wait,” says Olga.

She considers the birth of her first child to be a life-turning event. It was not only about motherhood but also about the sacrifice of her dreams, drastic change of her life-style and re-evaluation of the whole mindset. It was a radical and very demanding decision. At the moment her oldest daughter is Olga’s best friend, her consciousness and support. She is extremely mature for her age and she constantly stimulates Olga to learn something, move forward, adapt to changes and work on herself! “I am the authority and a role model for my daughter which is why I want to teach her how to be a good person, I want to pass my knowledge and skills and help her adapt and survive in this world.”


The most important criteria that Olga uses to value people are humanity, dignity, honesty, loyalty, good manners, inquisitive mind and sense of humor. She also values people who are able to be friends, frank and selfless. She thinks that these people make the world a better place; they inspire and excite.


Olga does not have as much time as she would like to, but there are certain family traditions that they carry on when getting together with the daughters. “Each of us tells about her wishes, we make an action plan and implement it. For example – I want to relax, let’s say massage, the older daughter wants to ride a Segway, whereas the younger wants to go to the movies. So, we plan our day in the way that will suit everyone, to make each of us happy and to spend time together,” comments Olga. Family leisure also includes reading books, swimming, workouts, dancing and, of course, family evenings when they all get together at a dinner table and share their news and experiences, talk about how their days went, discuss the issues they may have come across and, in general, talk about anything under the skies.


Our heroine is a very creative person and she loves trying new things. She adores the sports mix of fitness, cross fit and working out in the gym. She also enjoys dancing classes and, of course, skiing in the winter and she taught her daughter to love winter sports too. She goes diving and got her diving certificate a couple of years ago; next on her list are parasailing and car racing. Olga loves extreme sports in general and it is not surprising that she is planning to jump with a parachute in the nearest future. Travelling takes a special place in her life and she can talk about her trips for ages – about coffee in the most aristocratic European city of Vienna, about Côte d’Azur in France, green and blooming Piedmont in Italy and no less ambitious Sicily and Sardinia. She also loves classic literature and her bookshelf features masterpieces by Fedor Dostoievskyi, Mikhail Bulgakov, Leo Tolstoy, Oskar Wilde, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Charles Dickens, jack London, Edgar Poe and specialized books by Carl Jung and Zigmund Freud. Olga is fascinated by the paintings of Monet, Dali, Klimt and modern sculptures of the USA and Asia.

“There are so many exciting things in the world, so many unknown things, both novel and classic,” says Olga, “that one life wouldn’t be enough to enjoy them all. I try to seize every moment because no one knows when their life may be over.”

She says that the crucial factor in making her choice to take part in Mrs. Ukraine International 2021 was the moment when she told herself that there is nothing impossible and everything which used to be considered unachievable is now quite real. Everything you have done and you are doing now is worth something and you deserve the world to know about it.