Tetiana Rovna

Tetiana Rovna




Tetiana was born in Dnipro, and has one technical education (service of operational systems) and two higher education diplomas in Law and Psychology.


She has been married for 16 years, and, together with her husband, brings up three children: two sons (fourteen and five years old) and a daughter, who is eleven. Her oldest son is in professional carting and he was the member of the Austrian national team, lately he has been into football a lot. Her daughter dreams to become a pastry chef, although she now plays three musical instruments – the piano, the guitar and the violin. Tetiana pays a lot of attention to the upbringing of her children and tries to teach love to life through music, culture, foreign languages and travels. She thinks that the best way to bring up worthy people is to show them a worthy example! The whole family lives by the principle “happy parents – happy children”.


Psychology is a rather new area of knowledge. It became an independent science only at the beginning of the XIX century and is extremely perspective in our times, whereas philosophy, which is the basis of all the sciences, answers all the questions that modern people ask themselves. It is easy to get to know a person, but to be aware of all the processes around them is a form of art which Tetiana plans to keep learning all her life.


The job of a psychologist gives her the opportunity to develop creatively and spiritually. There are many hardships and obstacles but they all can be overcome. Psychological help is always the work and co-operation of two people – the psychologist and the client. It is a creative process where there is a place for joy, euphoria, boredom and despair, the slightest shades and feeling and emotions; this is the job which is closely tied to the personality of the psychologist.

“I have always had so many questions, since childhood! I clearly understood that all the answers I needed were inside the person which is why I decided to get all the knowledge I could in order to find them,” Tetiana says about her choice of career.

“Psychology is not only my work; it is my life. It is not only professional fulfillment and career growth but also the way to self-development, self-creation, work with the world and the process of knowing other people better.” Her task is to help a person after a session to independently build their life, solve problems and have access to their creative and resourceful potentials.


When it comes to success and self-fulfillment, Tetiana is sure that first of all you need to define your desires yourself, with no help from outside, by immersing yourself into complete loneliness and staying face to face with yourself. To achieve this you need to disregard any trends or recommendations or listen to someone else. You only need to have a sincere conversation with your soul.

“As soon as your real wish is determined, you start to get a lot of life energy for its fulfillment; the rest is only a technical part. If you have set your goal correctly, it will be easily achievable! If something is difficult, it means it is not correct.”

During 15 years in psychology Tetiana has met lots of mentors about whom she talks with great respect and gratefulness for their knowledge and life results. At the moment she is in the process of searching for another wise and prominent mentor.

“I am my most significant person,” says Tetiana. “My state of mind influences the lives of my family and friends. Everyone reflects on my state.”

Like seeks like! You don’t need to be afraid of loneliness, although it is a huge problem of modern society. Tetiana also points out that her husband gave her a unique possibility to learn from the best professionals and not to limit herself in her aspirations and desires while being married.


As a psychologist, Tetiana assures that the most difficult decision comes when it is time to tell people about their childish position and unwillingness to take the responsibility for their own happiness. About her personal happiness and life-turning event she speaks briefly – it is her meeting with her beloved husband and the final decision that psychology is her vocation.


The woman values people who are honest with themselves, able to analyze their own mistakes, see those mistakes, remove them and move on in life.


In her free time Tetiana works on a manual on human insecurities, reads books on clinical psychology, “Brain Biohacking” by Dave Asprey, studies the correlation between the endocrine diseases and psychosomatics. Her favorite author is Viktor Pelevin. Recently she discovered a new exciting game – golf, which she considers to be a very technical and precise game which bears no tension.

“I am getting recharged by loneliness and I consider it to be necessary for many processes in life.”

Tetiana often goes out of town and meditates, finding strength when being alone with herself. Due to such activities, she is proud of her strong marriage and happy family. The joy of reunion is endless. The person finds herself when she is alone. The woman also loves inspiring movies. Her favorite musician is Ludovico Einaudi, an Italian composer and a pianist. Thanks to him she taught her children to love music.


Our contestant sees the participation in the competition as something new, as a motivation and an example for her children, as well as her student dream coming true.