Tatyana Yashkina

Tatyana Yashkina


Ukrainian business lady, athlete, philanthropist, owner and founder of the weapon store chain “Okhota” [“Hunting”]


Tetiana got two higher education diplomas – diploma of Economist at Kharkiv State University of Food Technology and Trade and Master’s Diploma with Merit in the sphere of Management at Pryazovsky State Technical University.


Tetiana has two older sisters; Margarita is a successful businesswoman and Lilia is a professor, academic and PhD in Economics.


There are shops of “Okhota” chains in such cities as Pervomaisk, Mykolaiiv, Uman and Kherson. They specialize in sales of weapons, ammunition, knives, hunting equipment, tourist clothes and everything for active leisure outside. It is a family business which Tetiana has been running successfully for 19 years since her father passed away. All the men in the family are hunters which is why she was growing up among weapons and hunting trophies. Of course, it influenced her a lot and other spheres for career were not in consideration.


Life itself pushed Tetiana to this business. Her grandfather was a third-generation hunter, as well as the father. It was a hobby which turned into a successful business.

“I have been selling ammunition since childhood, so to say. I like that then and I still like it,” says Tetiana.

Tetiana thinks that in order to achieve success you need to be honest and love what you do. If you are in love with your business, you can achieve incredible results in this area. And, if you do it honestly and openly, that will bring money and fame and lots of your acquaintances are going to say that you are an honest person who loves their job and does it better than anyone else. This is an achievement already and every small achievement is a step towards success. Thus, diligence and honesty are always rewarded.


The woman calls her mom the inspiration and icon of her life. Sadly, she is in a better place now, but Tetiana always feels her presence, her Mom is always there guarding and protecting her. She feels her daughter with incredible energy which gives her wings and enormous speed to move forward in all the senses of this word.

“It’s as if I am wearing an invisible bullet-proof west. Mom is a Woman-Sun, I am her fourth child and every day I am grateful to her for my life,” says Tetiana.

She calls American TV hostess Oprah Winfrey to be her idol as she, as a woman, changed the lives of millions of people with her own example. She went through a number of hardships, which started in her childhood, affirmed herself as a woman and was able to build a platform which made her famous; eventually she became one of the richest and most influential women of the world, according to Forbes magazine.


Another important place in Tetiana’s life is occupied by the singer and composer Max Fadeev, whom she calls the person of all her life. His life struggle is the motivation for many people. After losing his hearing he kept on writing songs for many artists and after the death of his father, at the age of 50, he went to perform on stage and continued his mission. Such people really motivate and inspire.


Tetiana sees her each project as a challenge to her fearlessness and the chance to defeat her own doubts. When everybody considers your idea to be insane and, in some time, it turns out to be successful – this is the real big game where she is the winner.

“People come and go, but I let them go with no pain. We always speed up when there is no more fear,” tells us Tetiana.

She always follows the rule: constantly grow, and do not stop each time you achieve your goal. The moment when it was necessary to expand the business was the key one. Tetiana is from a small town of Pervomaisk and everything started there, in a small 40 sq.m. shop. At the moment the chain is present in three regions of Ukraine and soon there is going to be one more in a very significant region – Kyiv.


Tetiana values committed and enthusiastic people. It can be commitment to their business, values, their companions, etc. This quality is very closely connected with honesty which has been mentioned before. It is really easy and safe to work with committed people, to communicate and make friends; such personalities deserve respect and even enemies and opponents have to be committed to their fight with you.

“Any other attitude I see as superficial, it is too inconsistent and unreliable and dealing with unreliable people never does any good. You cannot love by half, work with half of your strength or dream about something easily achievable. If you do something you have to do it to the full, with maximum efficiency. This is the kind of people I value,” says Tetiana.

As Tetiana is so busy, free time is some sort of a luxury to her and she cannot afford it very often. However, when there is a chance, she likes spending it with friends, talking and enjoying their time together. It can happen both at a party and at a shooting range. Of course, Tetiana has a special relationship with such places, it is like a duck to water, but with friends the activity turns into a real competition. So, her free time means communication with friends, colleagues, mentors or just interesting and offbeat people.


Time is the most precious resource for our heroine which is why even her sport sessions are combined with listening to audiobooks and she does everything to optimize those valuable moments to use them to the full.


Everyday sports activity inspires Tetiana and helps her stay in shape; she also loves music and karaoke. Taking into account her occupation, she spends a lot of time with weapons and from time to time takes part in shooting competitions. She is always on the way and calls her car her second home, as she constantly drives from one of her shops to another, from one city to another, from business meetings in Kherson to training sessions in Kyiv. She is also into professional cycling. Cycling means freedom, speed, passion! This year Tetiana plans a rather ambitious activity – she wants to participate in Ironman competition and achieve yet another goal.


She travels a lot; in the winter a visit to the mountains is a must. This year she has set her personal record – 70 km on skis with the speed of 68 km/hr.


Since the beginning of 2021 Tetiana takes part in the #40books2021challenge, purely out of leisure interest. Another page of her life is charity work. The woman does it systematically and she has been the patron of an orphanage in Mykolaiiv for 13 years. Tetiana considers serving people to be one of her life missions and thinks that clemency and kindness are the key life principles.


She sees the platform of the Mrs. Ukraine International contest as the opportunity to be useful to the girls who have doubts about their self-fulfillment, about the chances to have an honest business and about the wish to do anything in our country. Tetiana is undoubtedly a patriot of Ukraine and she is ready to demonstrate with her own example that it is possible to become successful here. With all her heart this wonderful woman believes in the future of our powerful, yet young, country and proudly states: “If a woman can achieve success, so can the country!”

“Today I feel that I possess the knowledge that I am ready to share in a dialogue with other people,” sums up Tetiana.