Yulia Faist

Yulia Faist


Financial manager of an investment holding company, philanthropist.


Yulia's major is Finance, whereas her vocation is charity. She works as a financial director at a family investment holding which has a vast portfolio – from small start-up companies to investments in Europe and North America.


However, Yulia finds her greatest pleasure in her diverse charity work. For two years she has been the co-head of the annual charity auction FIDS Gala where she tries to raise as much money as possible to support various programs for students and teachers. Last year they managed to raise 232,000 USD. Yulia also supports the “Women of Tomorrow” charity organization which deals with mentoring and scholarships for talented girls and women from low-income families and helps them obtain desired education regardless of their social status.

Our contestant has two higher education diplomas. The first one – Master of Management – she received at Lviv Commercial Academy, the second – Master of Finance – was obtained at the University of Saint Thomas in the USA.

Yulia is the person who was lucky to meet her soul mate, friend and advisor. This is her husband who became her support and aide in all her endeavours. They both share the same family values – love, respect and mutual understanding. The couple has a five-year-old daughter who is now in primary school and, despite her young age, is keen on drawing and mathematics, studies foreign languages, plays tennis and loves swimming.

“Of course, a successful career is important, but it is much better when a woman is also successful in the personal sphere. There is no bigger happiness than the love of your family. My daughter is the treasure of love and tenderness, she is my pride and joy. My family is the most precious thing of my life, it is the highest joy of life. I used to dream of adventures and new horizons, now I only want my beloved people to be next to me, happy and safe,” tells Yulia.

There are many people who do not stop at doing only one thing. Yulia is one of them. Her life has several stages each of which is connected with different activities, interests and development. At the moment the young woman has fulfilled herself in the financial sphere, commercial real estate, technological and even modeling business. The world keeps changing and brings new ideas and opportunities.


Yulia has chosen to work in finance because she realized the great desire to understand international financial policies. She wanted to know why some countries are developing and making profits, whereas others simply exist. What are the factors that predetermine financial success of countries and corporations, how to achieve and keep it? These issues prompted her to obtain her second education in Finance at St. Thomas University in the USA. She wanted to move forward in this field because of the wish to find ways of economic development for Ukraine via researching successful financial systems of other countries.

“We all want Ukraine to flourish. However, social injustice is present not only in Ukraine, but throughout the world. The rates and forms are different, though. This is why I am proud that along with my family I have the chance to do charity and philanthropic work, specifically in the area of education,” comments Yulia.

The woman sees the notion of success as a rather philosophical one. Today, success is the opportunity and time to do things that fill us up and, at the same time, are useful to society. Successful people share their success. And in order to achieve it you need to have a kind heart and selfless intentions. You should not be afraid to take risks; be positive and see the opportunity in everything.


Her mentors are definitely her parents. Her mom, according to Yulia, is a creative and strong personality who has taught her daughter to dream and aspire to make the dreams come true. Her father is an engineer and inventor who has taught her to love technology and progress. Just like him, Yulia has a great desire to solve global problems. It was also thanks to this man that Yulia learned to consider the interests of other people and ensure that all her actions have positive outcomes.


The hardest decision for Yulia was to choose the university to enter and the field of her major.

“Now I understand that you don't need to see your occupation as something which is going to last all your life. You can and you need to change your career, assimilate to current needs and not be afraid of changes. We try ourselves in various occupations in order to find our vocation and this is quite normal.”

The qualities that she values in people are kindness, honesty, integrity and, of course, a sense of humour.
By discovering the world Yulia learns about new cultures, makes new friends and visits new places and countries. She loves being immersed into new life and learning new unknown facts. She is keen on tennis and skiing. This year the young woman started playing golf and she dreams to raise the Ukrainian flag at a golf tournament one day. Apart from that, she and her husband are interested in modern art and work on their home collection of art works.


Two factors became crucial for her decision to take part in Mrs. Ukraine International 2021 contest.

“Having received the offer to become a contestant I immediately imagined the moment when I would represent Ukraine to the sounds of our national anthem and my heart started beating faster. These patriotic feelings were supported by my desire to do more good deeds. I think that every contestant is worthy of receiving the main prize. For me, personally, the victory means new horizons for the charity work that I do. It will become a substantial contribution and allow me realize more of my philanthropic ideas at both national and international levels. This is why I would really love to win the contest.”